SC to hear plea on Blue Whale ban

The Supreme Court agreed to hear a petition to ban the online game Blue Whale, which has lead to several deaths and suicide attempts of teenagers.

As per The Hindu, the petition was heard by a bench led by the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra. The PIL was filed by N.S Ponnaiah from Madhurai through  Advocate C.R Jaya  Sukin  who urged that the Government should take immediate steps to spread awareness about the threats posed by the game and its availability online should be curbed.

Sukin mentioned that the Government has not taken enough measures even after the number of cases of self- inflicted injuries and suicides have substantially increased.

“Till the date September 5, media reported that at least 200 people had committed suicide after playing the online Blue Whale game. Most of them are young children under the age group of 13, 14 and 15 years,” the petition said.

It also said that while all the other countries had taken initiative to curb the online game, India still has not taken necessary actions.

The petition further stated that the parents are in a state of panic as the game has spread its root  across all the cities of the country even encouraging school children to play.

Sources: Business Standard, The Hindu