Murder of a Businessman in Delhi Caught on CCTV

The CCTV footage of a property dealer, Wazid, being brutally murdered surfaced on Wednesday a month after the incident took place. The businessman was shot around twenty times in North East Delhi’s Brahmapuri area on October 22nd, 2017.

According to NDTV, the CCTV footage shows the gruesome ongoings of the event in detail, where the property dealer, Wazid, is spotted as he is being chased by three men on a motorcycle. In a desperate attempt of ensure his survival, Wazid enters his house to find sanctuary. The footage then progress to show Wazid falling on the road, as his attacker looms over him, wearing a helmet.

NewsEleven reports, the attacker disguised in a helmet ceaselessly open firing at the victim without any speck of remorse. The video that has surfaced is extremely disturbing to watch. Soon thereafter, the attacker’s partners emerge out of a building and join him in shooting the property dealer. The criminals then fled the scene, leaving Wazid alone to bleed out and succumb to his injuries. Three men were arrested earlier this month as prime suspects in this case, by the Delhi police. The police stated that this incident was an outcome of gang rivalries.

Sources: NDTV, NewsEleven