Chaos Ensues at Mumbai Airport as an Air India flight gets delayed by 7 hours

An Air India flight, from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, got delayed for seven arduous hours due to unavailability of a pilot. This caused the passengers to get flustered and agitated as they waited for a speedy solution in vain at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport today. Flight AI 031 was slated to depart at 0135 hours from Mumbai to its destination, Ahmedabad. However, it finally departed at 0820 hours, after an outrageous, near seven hours of delay. The Boeing 777 aircraft housed over 200 passengers.

According to The Times of India, a source at the airport stated that the flight was delayed by a mere hour at first, which then turned into seven, long hours due to non-availability of a pilot. This caused a surge of anxiousness and impatience in the passengers who then created a state of utter chaos at the airport. The helpless passengers tried to obstruct staff members from handling other flights. Nevertheless, due to the spread out notifications of the flight delay they needed to spend the entire night in the boarding area of the flight despite all their futile attempts at coercing a quicker solution.

As per NDTV, an Air India spokesperson stated, “The flight was delayed due to the flight duty time limitation (FDTL) issue and crew constraints.” He also clarified that the flight finally took off at 0820 hours today. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation manages the duty hours for the pilots and cabin crew and they are banned from running a flight beyond a specified set of regulated flying hours.

Sources: NDTV, Times of India