More Troops to be Stationed in Saudi Arabia by Pakistan

According to a vital policy shift, Pakistan has decided to deploy troops in Saudi Arabia, who is currently involved in a civil war with Yemen. Around 1000 Pakistani troops are being deployed there already. This step had been taken under the bilateral security cooperation with the Kingdom. The Pakistani army contingents are mainly sent to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for training and advise mission.

Currently, no official record is given out regarding the recent deployment of Pakistani troops. But, it is assumed to be in a large number. Saudi Arabia has been requesting Pakistan to provide troops since 2015, right after it got engaged in a civil war with Yemen.  This war has deteriorated and the situation has become even more intense. There have been regular missiles firing by the rebels towards Saudi Arabia. The alliance of Muslim nations, led by former Pakistan Army chief Raheel Sharif, which Saudi Arabia had set up and is also still in its initial stage to play any significant role in the conflict.

As reported by The Times of India, the Pakistani army said it maintains bilateral security corporation with not only Saudi Arabia, but many other Gulf countries.

Pakistan is trying to maintain friendly relations with Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Qatar and several other countries, though the decision of deploying troops may annoy Saudi Arabia’s rivals like Iran and Qatar. The decision may also create tension in Pakistan’s internal politics, since the parliament had passed a resolution at the start of the Yemen crisis, saying Pakistan would stay neutral as far as the conflict is concerned.

Sources: The Times of India, ANI

Syria: U.S. backed Militias hit by Russian Strike

Syria is a battleground with corpses, blood and ruins for the eyes, as far as they can see.  For years we have seen horrifying images from the civil war, sprouted as an uprising and turned into a full-scale conflict. A Russian strike wounded members of the US backed militias in Syria on Saturday from Russian jets. Six of its fighters were wounded in the strike, The Syrian Democratic Forces, an alliance of Khurdish and Arab militia fighting with the U.S. led coalition said.

Russia bombed a position east of the Euphrates river where it knew SDF fighters and coalition advisers were stationed- said The Pentagon. However, the jets did not injure any coalition forces.

The SDF accused Damascus of trying to obstruct the fighters, and that “such attacks waste energies that should be used against terrorism… and open the door to side conflicts”, it said. The attacks by Russia backed Syrian army and U.S. supported SDF have at times raised fears of clashes, which may result into greater tension between the world powers. 

Russian military request to strike an area in the province of Deir Ezzor, as they were coalition advisers and US backed Syrian forces there. Bu the Russians decided to carry out the strike anyway.

Ahmed Abu Khawla, the commander of the SDF’s Deir al-Zor military council, said Russian or Syrian fighter jets flew in from government territory before dawn on Saturday. 

The warplanes struck as the SDF waged “heated and bloody battles” in the industrial zone on the eastern bank, seizing factories from Islamic State militants, he said. 

Both the U.S. led coalition and Russia are battling in ISIS in Syria, but they are on two very different sides of the civil war. The United States and its allies support some anti-government rebel groups in their fight to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. And Russia backs his regime.

Sources: Reuters, CNN

10 killed as militants seize military base in Yemen

10 Yemeni soldiers have lost their lives, and several others have been injured in a double car bomb attack that took place at a military base in the port city of Aden, located in southern Yemen.
The attack was initiated by the detonation of a car bomb in the vicinity of an army base located in the Khormaksar district near Aden International Airport. The primary explosion enabled a second vehicle to enter the compound, and set off another explosion.
In the aftermath of the explosions, the military compound was besieged by militant forces dressed in military uniforms. The compound’s headquarters was swiftly surrounded by reinforcements, where they engaged in exchanges of fire with 15-20 militants. The troops were also fired upon by attackers located outside the perimeter of the base.
The Saudi-backed Yemeni government currently operates out of Aden, and it is facing significant resistance in its attempt to wrest control of the city from Houthi rebels. Aden was under the control of the Houthis for months before they were driven out by the Government in July 2015.
No terrorist or extremist group has taken responsibility for the attack yet. This incident is the latest in a string of terrorist attacks that Yemen has witnessed since the beginning of a civil war between Houthi rebels and the government which began in September 2014. The conflict in Yemen has caused the deaths of over 9000 individuals, and it has brought Yemen to the precipice of famine.

US will “destroy” ISIS, says Barack Obama

Disagreeing that the fight against the ISIS remains a tough task, President Barack Obama told that United States will “destroy” and end the terrorist organization and bring a culmination to the Syrian conflict. He told that despite being a difficult fight United States would continue to draw in elements from their national power, their values and their strength as a community.

In the “incredibly complex” situation in Syria US military forces have been working along with anti IS commandos and Kurdish groups called Syrian Democratic Forces to overthrow the ruthless terror group.

Obama said that though the terror group was using innocent people as shields, United States has been making progress. This week he has directed his team to continue increasing their campaign against the violent group in all possible ways.

66 member coalition, plus the Arab allies are becoming stronger. Several more countries are joining the war against the terrorist group. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has lost more than 40 per cent of the areas it used to control. An alliance of local militaries is tightening the squeeze in its stronghold of Raqqa. IS has also been forced to bring down the salaries of its fighters as coalition forces have been bombing its oil infrastructure, Mr. Obama told.

Based on an agreement which was signed between Russia and US on Monday, a US supported ceasefire between the regime and the rebels was put into effect last night. This is the first important ceasefire since the civil war which started five years ago.


Sources:, TOI