Supreme Court Collegium names nine High Courts Chiefs

The Supreme Court Collegium on Tuesday recommended nine names to the government to be appointed as High Court Chief Justices. This move  of the Collegium headed by the Chief Justice of India J S Khehar came after much anticipation. With this move, there will be regular appointment of High Court justices instead of acting chiefs for several months altogether.

If these names are approved by the government then it’ll create history in terms of getting the highest number of appointment of High Court chief justices in a single round.This could also prove to be a major leap forward after the elongated tussle between the judiciary and the government over the appointment of judges.

The apex court had struck down the National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC) in October 2015, a heated undertone in the relation between the executive and the judiciary was evident. The government practically held back all recommendations made by the collegium. This eventually led to the shortage of chief justices in the High Courts of the country.

According to the Indian Express, the names recommended for the High Court chief justices appointments are: Justice Hemant Gupta for Madhya Pradesh High Court; Justice Abhilasha Kumari for Tripura High Court; Justice B D Ahmed for Jammu and Kashmir High Court; Justice Pradeep Nandarajog for Rajasthan High Court; Justice Rajendra Menon for Patna High Court; Justice T Vaiphei for Hyderabad High Court; Justice H G Ramesh for Madras High Court; Justice T B Radhakrishnan for Chhattisgarh High Court and Justice P K Mohanty for Jharkhand High Court.


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Meetings of the Collegium should be recorded: Justice Chelameswar

A senior Supreme court judge and a member of the collegium has written a letter to the the Chief Justice of India (CJI), T.S Thakur. Justice Chelameswar has sought that the Supreme court collegium record the minutes of the meetings pertaining to transfer and appointment of judges. The collegium consists of the five senior most judges of the Supreme court.

According to The Indian Express, Justice Chelameswar has clarified that the recommendations being made by the other four judges, including the CJI should come to him by circulations. By this demand, he has questioned the lack of transparency and decision making process, involved in the transfer and appointment of judges.

Justice Chelameswar was the only one amongst the five judges who favored the doing away with the collegium system when the National Judicial Appointment Commission Act (NJAC) was struck down in 2015.

The contents of the letter have not been made public till now. However, it led to a meeting being scheduled for the upcoming Wednesday.

Source: The Indian Express