Obama urges Trump to improve cybersecurity

To upgrade the cybersecurity and keep US secure, President Barack Obama has laid down certain recommendations under special commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity. He has emphasised on the point that President-elect Donald Trump should follow these recommendations within 100 days of joining the office. “Now it is time for the next administration to take up this charge and ensure that cyberspace can continue to be the driver for prosperity, innovation, and change both in the United States and around the world,’’ said the outgoing leader.

Obama had set up this committee to identify cyber issues and provide necessary solutions to curb it. The duty of private sector in helping and providing useful measures for digital security has been focus point of the 100-page report. The commission also states that public and private sector should work together towards attaining the goal.

The report has been made by 12 legal and security experts like Thomas Donilon, former US national security adviser to Obama and former national security agency director General Keith Alexander. A recommendation has been made to set up a type “nutritional label” for devices to help the consumers in improving their purchasing decision.

The report is a proposal and it is up to Trump to accept those recommendations or discard them.

Sources: BBC, IBT

CloudFlare launches its own Registrar services

Adding another layer of security to website domains, CloudFlare- the Internet security and Performance Company has launched CloudFlare Registrar, to aid high profile companies in securing their domains from unlawful changes.
The registrar service claims to prevent domain hijacking, in other words, redirection to another website without owner consent or from being compromised. Apart from this, the company stated that the service will also help avoid domain expiration and loss of control over one’s account.
While several websites have implemented Cloudflare’s internet security measures such as DDOS protection, Mathew Prince, CEO CloudFlare stated that they are still at risk from being compromised from the registrar’s end. By introducing the service to Enterprise customers, the complexities of having to mediate with third party registrars would be bridged, he said. “Rather than waiting for one to come onto the market, we built our own, fundamentally changing the way Registrar security is offered today,” he added.
Emphasizing on customazible domain security, the company said that high profile domain owners can now breathe easy with regards to their brand reputation in events of ‘hackers’ trying to deface their websites. Instead of using passwords or email addresses’ to make changes to the domain, the service will now require approval from several independent shareholders within the company. With respect to domain expiration, the auto renewal feature will kick into play once it recognises that there is less than a year on their registration terms.

Source: http://tech.firstpost.com/news-analysis/cloudflare-launches-web-domain-protection-service-cloudfare-registrar-301121.html

CloudFlare’s New Domain Registry Protects Site Owners From Domain Hijacking