Dubai invests $3.9 billion to build the world’s largest solar power project

In a bid to increase its share of clean energy, Dubai is all geared to build its largest Concentrated Solar Project (CSP) that would run a 700 megawatt (MW) solar power station and feature the world’s tallest tower measuring 260 metre to receive focussed sunlight. CSP technology uses mirrors or lenses to focus the sun’s light energy into heat to create steam that can run a turbine to generate electricity. A consortium consisting of Shanghai Electric and Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power have been awarded a $3.9 billion contract by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. The consortium proposed to supply electricity to the country at 7.3 U.S. cents per kilowatt hour.

The project is expected to be completed by late 2020, just in time for World Expo to be held in Dubai. It is part of the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and would be located at the Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum Solar Park – the single site renewable energy project which is expected to generate 1,000MW by 2020 and 5000MW by 2030. The government targets to strategically increase its share of clean energy to 7 percent by 2020, 25 percent by 2010 and 75 percent by 2050.

News Sources- Economic Times, Reuters

Yingluck flees to Emirate, dodging politically spurred charges

Confronting a conceivable 10-year imprison term, previous Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra fled the nation to Dubai, under the steady gaze of a court decision on Friday–  her supporters say was politically spurred, nearby media and authorities said.

Nonetheless, anonymous authorities disclosed to Reuters news office that she set out via land to Cambodia at that point travelled to Dubai to join her sibling, Thaksin Shinawatra – another ousted former premier whose administration, similar to hers, was toppled in a military coup.

Yingluck, who turned into Thailand’s first female prime minister when her party cleared elections in 2011, is blamed for carelessness in managing a cash losing rice sponsorship program. She has denied charges as politically spurred.

A decision had been expected on Friday, as a huge number of Yingluck Be that as it may, Yingluck never showed up for the verdict, as supporters accumulated outside the court and police stood to watch.

A judge read out an announcement saying her legal counsellors had educated the court she couldn’t go to in view of an ear infection.

The judge said the court did not trust the reason and sent out a warrant to be issued for her capture and delayed the trial until September 27.

“If she’s not guilty she should stay and fight the case,” Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha, the military chief, said. He also added, “If she’s not here, what does that tell you? Will she still say that she didn’t get justice?”

Dubai’s Torch Tower catches fire again

In the early hours of August 4, a massive fire broke out in the 84-story Torch tower of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. No casualties were reported, and the Dubai Civil Defense brought the blaze under control by 3.30 a.m.  According to Reuters, a resident said “It was very bad. The fire was very strong at that time, about 1 am. Then it started calming down over the next two hours.”

The actual cause of the fire is not is not known yet, but the external padding, which can be flammable in specific circumstances is being considered as the source of it. As per reports, a majority of Dubai’s 250 high-rise buildings use cladding panels with combustible thermoplastic cores.

A similar incident occurred in February 2015, where the same 79-storey building, which accommodates expatriate residents of the city, was devastated by a fire.

Owing to a series of fire mishaps in the Emirates, Dubai announced stringent rules to minimize fire risks, in January 2017. UAE has revised its building safety stating that cladding required on all new buildings over 15 meters tall should be fire-resistant, but older buildings were exempt from it.

Sources – The Telegraph, CNN


IndiGo flight from Dubai to Kozhikode makes emergency landing

Tensions were high on Thursday when an Indigo flight travelling from Dubai to Kozhikode had to make an emergency landing at the Mumbai airport. The cause for such a turn of event was the presence of a misbehaving passenger who was disrupting the flight journey.

After an hour into the takeoff, the passenger seated on 5D started arguing with the crew on flight 6E 89, creating chaos. According to the onlookers, what intensified the situation was when the man started shouting Islamic State slogans onboard. However, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Virendra Mishra said, “As of now we can’t say anything on IS slogan. After completing the probe we will comment.”

Later crew members informed the captain, who then contacted the Air Traffic Control, and the flight was diverted to Mumbai. At 9:15 am, the man was taken off the plane along with his brother, who had accompanied him.
The flight then took off again from Mumbai at 10:50 am and landed at Kozhikode around 12:30 pm, which was 3 hours late from the actual schedule. Enquiry has been ordered into this incident.