Caribbean hit by 7.6 magnitude earthquake, off the coast of Honduras

The Caribbean was struck by a powerful earthquake on Tuesday evening, measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale. The epicentre of the earthquake was around 202 kilometres northeast of Honduras and there have been no reports of any serious damage. The tremor originated in the sea, 10 kilometres below the surface. Tsunami warnings that were issued when the quake occurred have also been called off, reports Independent.

The impact of the earthquake was felt in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa where there instances of windows rattling and some residents evacuated their homes because of the tremors. Honduran officials also reported that there were cracks in homes in the provinces of Colon and Atlantida and shaking was registered across most of the nation. The region closest to the quake’s epicentre which is in Northern Honduras is a sparsely populated area.

The quake was also lightly felt in Quintana Roo, Mexico according to Mexico’s civil protection director. A resident described the tremors equating it to the sound of a bulldozer driving past, which didn’t last too long but was extremely powerful. He also noticed cable cars and electricity poles swaying, according to ABC news.

Sources – USA Today, ABC News

Medium intensity earthquake hits Jammu and Kashmir

Early this morning, a medium intensity earthquake measuring 4.5 Richter scale hit Jammu and Kashmir. As reported by The Hindu, National Seismology Center of Indian Meteorological Department stated that the earthquake occurred at 4.21 am on Monday, December 11, 2017. The tremors were felt in Leh and Thang. The depth of the earthquake as measured by them was 33 kilometers. The epicenter was detected at a distance of 125 kilometers from Khaplu. There had been no reports on loss of life or property. It can be estimated that since the earthquake was of medium intensity and had hit the state very early in the morning, no news of people panicking or getting scared was reported.

This area had experienced three earthquakes in the past one month and at least 15 earthquakes in the last one year. The Richter scale of these earthquakes varied from 4.4 to 5.1. Kashmir has a record of deadly earthquakes in which any lives had been lost and property worth lakhs of rupees had been destroyed. Keeping in mind the political unrest in the state, earthquake or any other natural disaster comes as an extra curse to the people there.

Sources- The Hindu, The Indian Express

Mexico struck by second earthquake, more than 200 killed

A massive earthquake reportedly hit Mexico on Tuesday afternoon, killing an estimated 216 people. The casualties were revised to 248 later as fresh reports arrived.The tremors shook Mexico City and the neighbouring states of Puebla, Mexico and Morelos. Scores of people were killed and left trapped beneath buildings, including a school that collapsed in the capital city.

The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.1 with its epicenter at a distance of 2.8 miles from San Juan Raboso and 34.1 miles in the southwest direction of Puebla. Just in the previous week, tremors of 8.1 magnitude had struck the southern coastline of Mexico leaving 90 dead in its wake. Soon after the quake was felt, thousands of soldiers, rescuers and civilians, many of whom were college students rushed to save people stuck in emergency situations, buried under heaps of the rubble. People ran onto the roads as buildings fell, glasses shattered and gas leaks left strange smells in the air. In several portions of the worst-hit parts, you could see the damage almost immediately as was in the case of the airport.
The date of this earthquake falls on the anniversary of another great disaster from the past. On September 19th, 1985 when another earthquake of 8.0 magnitude had hit Mexico killing 9,500 people in the vicinity of Mexico City. The quake had led the country to incorporate several preventive changes and mitigation measures.
President Enrique Pena Nieto issued a statement declaring that the country was facing another emergency on a national level.

Earthquake strikes Greece and Turkey

A powerful earthquake measuring 6.7 struck Turkey and Greece on Friday. It led to the death of 2 people on the island of Kos, while around 200 were injured in Greek and Turkish towns. The time of the earthquake was 01:31 on Friday.


According to The Telegraph, the two tourists who have been killed were from Turkey and Sweden. The exact location of the earthquake was in the Aegea Sea, affecting Turkish city Bodruma and Greek Island Kos. Both these places are generally filled with British Holidaymakers. These are major tourist destinations and the quake has come in the starting of the tourist season.


The Chairman of Turkey’s disaster and emergency management presidency(AFAD), Mehmet Halis Bilden warned the citizens of the possible after shocks and advised them from entering damaged buildings. At least 5 of the aftershocks received were above 4 on Richter scale.


The earthquake has also caused a small Tsunami that led to flooding in parts of Bodrum and Kos. Two flights from Athens to Kos and two departure flights have been canceled. The others are flying on schedule.



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5.8 magnitude shakes Uttarakhand, Delhi-NCR

Uttarakhand along with North India including Delhi and adjoining regions was rattled by a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. The tremors were felt at 10:33 pm on February 6. The epicenter was 31 km below the surface of the earth in the Rudraprayag district.

Harish Rawat, chief minister of Uttarakhand, took the stock of the situation immediately after the tremors and confirmed there was no loss of life or property, reported Indian Express. “I have spoken to the District Magistrate and getting information from various sources throughout the state. There is no loss of life, but there may be some cracks developed in the houses in far-flung areas. We are still in the process of collecting the information,” he said.

The Home Minister has put NDRF on high alert. According to PTI, R.K. Pachnanda, NDRF Director General, has sent two teams have been rushed to Rudraprayag, comprising about 90 personnel.

According to the experts, due to the movement of tectonic plates, north India could witness a high-intensity tremors in the near future. The last such quake experienced in Uttarakhand and other regions of north India were the 7.9 magnitude Nepal earthquake on April 25, 2015.




Chilean Coast jolted by 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake

Chile was hit by a major earthquake along its Southern coast on December 25, 2016. According to the US Geological Survey, the 7.7 magnitude quake hit a tourist site situated in Southern Chile, which is about 25 miles southwest of Puerto Quellon. The quake’s depth was about 34.6 kilometres. No casualties have been reported.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning centre had posted a Tsunami warning for parts of Pacific Ocean. Thousands of people have evacuated the coastal region that has tourism and salmon farming as its main source of revenue.

Chile’s National Emergency Office (ONEMI) lifted both the evacuation order and a tsunami watch three hours after the Christmas Day quake struck, clearing the path for around 50,000 evacuated people to return. ONEMI informed that around 21,000 homes were left without electricity, due to this calamity. Several roads are blocked as the crew is engaged in repairing works as well as in restoring electricity.

Termed as the ‘Biggest scare of lives’, this quake destroyed this region of various salmon farms. An official with Chile’s National Fish and Aquaculture Service said several companies had evacuated employees.

Chile has always been a soft target of deadly shocks and quakes since it is located on the so-called “Pacific Ring of Fire”. In 2010, another deadly quake of 8.8 magnitude created mayhem in the similar parts of Chile.


Sources: Reuters, CNN

Earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea, measures 7.9 on the Richter scale

A magnitude 7.9 earthquake hits the eastern coast of Papua New Guinea on Saturday. However, there is no report of loss of life and property in the country. Tsunami warning was also issued initially by the Pacific Tsunami Warning System, which has now been lifted.

Residents of the coastal region of Bougainville region fled to higher regions due to the fear of the tsunami. According to a nurse working at Buka General Hospital said that the tremors were very strong. She felt that the whole building would tumble down. Patients had to be moved few kilometers to a higher ground as per precautionary measures.

Residents in other parts of the country including the capital of Port Moresby did not even felt the earthquake. Papua New Guinea sits on the Ring of Fire, the arc of seismic faults around the Pacific Ocean where earthquakes are common. Earlier this month a high-intensity earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale shook the Solomon Islands, it is situated very close to Papua New Guinea.

According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake was very deep, 103 kilometers below the surface. Deeper earthquake tends to cause less damage. Initially pacific tsunami warning system stated that there was a probability of tsunami in Papua New Guinea and nearby countries however the warning has been lifted off as of current reports. Far off countries like New Zealand had also issued tsunami warnings; however, it was soon lifted.


SOURCES: Reuters The Hindu 

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