US strangling pollution ridden India by exporting dirty fuel

Dirty fuel waste that the US refineries are unable to sell elsewhere is being to the already pollution ridden India. The main dirty fuel that comes to India from the US is the Petroleum coke, more popularly referred to as the pet coke. It is basically a leftover of the already refined Canadian tar sands and various other heavy oils. Pet coke contains 17 times more sulphur than common coal and also emits more earth-warming carbon. This is very dangerous to the environment as also to the living beings and that forms the main reason why American industries are denying to use it.

India being power hungry and finding this pet coke cheap, are consuming it more and more. And this pet coke is acting as a catalyst to the already degraded environmental condition of this country. As reported by The Times of India, US had send more that eight million metric tons of pet coke to India in 2016.

Health and environment experts are saying that, by exporting harmful fuel to India, US is only exporting a crucial environmental problem from one country to another, instead of curbing it.  According to the Gulf News “We should not become the dust bin of the rest of the world. We certainly can’t afford it, we are choking to death already”, said Sunita Narain, a member of the pollution control authority and is also the head of the Delhi based Center for Science and Environment.

Sources- Times of India, Gulf News

Maharashtra to export oranges to Singapore and Bahrain

The State government in association with MahaOrange, the apex body of orange growers in the State, has decided to export oranges to Singapore and Bahrain. Vidarbha being the largest producer of oranges in the state is expected to benefit largely from the move.

The government agencies that are working for the promotion of fruits in the State have come to terms with the importers there. Out of the 7.5 lakh tonnes oranges that is produced annually, the exports were till now restricted to Bangladesh and Nepal.  In a meeting with the members of MahaOrange and Maharashtra State Agriculture Marketing Board (MSAMB), Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis stressed on the need to boost the export of oranges.

MahaOrange has signed an MoU with MSAMB and Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) to set up a facilitation center in Vidarbha that will look into packaging, grading and branding of oranges procured from the farmers.

“We are confident that the prices of oranges that are exported will be at least 50 per cent higher than what is fetched in the domestic market. It will be a win-win situation for the farmers,” said government sources in its statement.

The apex body, MahaOrange will play the facilitating role in the sense that it will collect the oranges from individual farmers, keeping in mind the quality of the oranges, and send them to the facilitation centers that will be set up, before its export. The government officials further added that the ground work in both Singapore and Bahrain has been completed.

Source- Sakaaltimes

Indian exports fall 20.7%, while gold imports surge 140% to $4.95 billion

In what can be considered as bad news for the Indian economy, exports fell 20.7 per cent in August this year, to 21.3 billion dollars. According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, exports have plunged for the ninth consecutive month owing to fall in commodity prices and a global economic slowdown. Gold imports jumped 140% in August to $4.95 billion. This major increase comes as a result of dip in global prices and increased domestic demand due to the upcoming festive season.
Tuesday’s data indicated the fall of exports by 20.7 per cent in August to $21.6 billion from $26.8 billion a year ago.  The Trade deficit rose to US$ 12.48 billion from US$ 10.67 billion in August 2014. The major sectors that reported a slide in exports include petroleum products (fell by 47.88 percent), engineering (29 percent), leather and leather goods (12.78 percent), marine products (20.83 percent) and carpet (22 percent).

Exporters have urged the government to take action expressing their concern over the continuous decline. According to Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) president S C Ralhan, the government should immediately announce steps such as an extension of interest subvention scheme to control this decline.

Source- Business Standard