Muslim family murdered their Daughters Hindu lover over religious animosity



Image Source: NDTV

The murder of a 23-year-old photographer in Khyala has sparked communal tension in West Delhi. The family members of the accused girl alleged the deceased man of having an illegal relationship with the woman and attacked him. The victim allegedly was attacked by the brothers and uncles of his supposed girlfriend. The victim was beaten and his throat was slashed publicly, with the murder spot covered in a pool of blood.

Sources said that the family members of the woman were against the relationship due to the difference of their religious communities. But, the victim was dating the 20-year-old woman for last three years despite condemnation by the woman’s family.

The victim’s mother rushed to the scene on being alerted by the commuters only to find her son being stabbed.

The victim and his girlfriend, a second-year college student started their relationship when they were neighbors a few years ago. They continued the relationship even after her family moved away. A source quoted that they are going to marry. He had promised her that he will marry her, so she had decided to continue on with the relationship. She was on her way to see him he was stabbed by her relatives.

Senior police officer Vijay Kumar said the victim was stabbed in the neck. The woman’s family was against the relationship and had warned the victim against associating with her on earlier occasions. The woman’s family members were arrested along with minor bother, who was allegedly involved in the public killing.

Source: NDTV, The Quint