Fidel Castro’s eldest son kills himself: Body found in Havana

Fidel Castro Diaz Balart, known as “Fidelito,” son of the former President of Cuba, Fidel Castro, was found dead on Thursday. He was known to be suffering from depression in the recent past. He had been seeing a group of doctors for several months before he took his life, reportedly.
He had been hospitalized to recover from a delicate state of mental health. He resumed with his treatment even after being discharged from the hospital.
Owing to the beard, Balart resembled his revolutionary father tremendously. Aged 68, he was a nuclear physicist trained by the former Soviet Union and was a scientific adviser to the Cuban Council of State. He was also Vice President to the Cuban Academy of Sciences.
Balart is the only child that Castro had with his first wife, Mirta-Diaz Balart. Mirta had sent her son to visit Castro when he came to power. But Castro never let the young boy go back to Miami. In fact, Balart’s cousin is a Republican congressman from Florida, and is strictly against the Cuban administration.
The Cuban masses were always affectionate towards Fidelito because of the images of when Castro had marched with the young boy after the success of the revolution. Eventually, their relationship was on the rocks after which he was removed from leading the nuclear program of Cuba.
Source: CNN,Guardian