Kasganj violence- a wrath of religious fundamentalism

Vande Mataram or Pakistan Zindabad? Who is a nationalist? Who decides whether you are a nationalist or not?

These are the questions that the residents of Kasganj town, Uttar Pradesh are asking right now.

On January 27, Kasganj witnessed vandalising of buses, shops being shut and gunshots being fired on the residents.

A resident claimed that three shops in the Ghantaghar area were set on fire. Police officers were deployed in all the lanes and corners of the town. Offices were closed, schools were shut and residents were advised to stay at home.

This was a result of a communal violence that broke between the Hindus and Muslims. As per the police officials, on January 26, a group of Hindus carried out an unauthorised Tiranga Yatra. They waved Indian flags along with the saffron ones during this rally. During the course of the Yatra, they interrupted the Republic Day celebrations in a Muslim-dominant area. This incident sparked off communal violence in Kasganj. Gunshots were fired from both the communities. As a result of which, Chandan Gupta, a resident, died and several others were left injured.

On his death, Rajveer Singh, member, Bhartiya Janata Party said that the Hindus, who carried out the rally, were not at fault. This statement added more fuel to the fire. He further added that it was a planned incident.

The violence continued for the next 48 hours. The police personnel are yet to identify the kind of weapons that were used during the riots. On January 28, the district administration called for a peace meeting. As per the locals, it was of no help. The senior police officials assured the people that they will identify the culprits and strict measures will be taken. Neither did they let the victims talk, nor were they interested in talking to the leaders of the two communities.

The concept of communal riots is not new to India. It has been prevailing ever since we got independence. Ironic, isn’t it? We got independence from the British at the cost of dividing India into India and Pakistan.

For a common man, Muslim is synonymous with Pakistan, which in turn, is linked to terrorism. Look at the way we judge the Muslim community. Are Muslims alone responsible for creating terror? What about Godhra riots? Ram Mandir conflict?

People in India crave for conflicts. They crave for the drama. If the conflict does not exist naturally, they create one. How else do you think Indian politicians survive? They are the ones responsible for creating and propagating fear in this country. You do not need terrorists till the time there are politicians.

Various politicians are condemning violence in Kasganj town. The creators of the communal divide are now condemning the outcomes of the same. It’s a satire. A satire on the mob mentality of this nation. A mockery of the Indian political system.

Source: Scroll

Modi finally speaks about Dadri Incident, advocates a fight against poverty

Image Source: oneindia.com
Image Source: oneindia.com

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has finally voiced his opinion on the Dadri lynching incident and has further urged Hindus and Muslims to break communal barriers and fight against poverty.

In an incident that shocked the nation, fifty year old Mohammad Akhlaq was lynched to death after rumours about the family consuming and storing beef in their house spread. The horrific event took place in a village that has a Hindu-Muslim population but has never experienced any communal tension.

Modi, while addressing a rally in Bihar’s Nawada said, “Hindus and Muslims should work together to fight poverty and not against each other. The country has to stay united. Only communal harmony and brotherhood will take the nation forward.”

Modi also reiterated the president’s message who pressed upon the importance of upholding India’s values of diversity and tolerance. “Hear the speech of President Pranab Mukherjee yesterday. There can be no bigger thought than that. President has shown us the way, and we have to walk on that path. Only then will we be able to live up to the expectations of the world,” the PM said.