Delhi hospital declares twins as dead, one found alive

Max hospital in Delhi declared premature twins as dead. They were wrapped in a polythene bag and handed over to their parents, Varsha and Ashish.

Tribune informs that police reports suggest that Varsha’s condition was serious and in her six months of pregnancy, the survival chances of the twins were bleak. She was initially at a nursing home at Paschim Vihar, and shifted to the hospital at Shalimar Bhag. She gave birth to a girl and a boy. While traveling to the crematorium to perform the last rites of both the infants, Ashish felt the boy was moving. They discovered that the infant was breathing. They immediately admitted the baby to a nursing home nearby in Pitampura.

Health Minister JP Nanda told reporters that Delhi government would look into the matter, as per instructions by the Centre. The incident will be probed and a preliminary report will be made available in three days.

NDTV mentioned that the boy has been kept on the ventilator, since critical medical care was needed. He would be kept under observation for three months. This would amount to one lakh for the first three days. It would cost 50 thousand each day on other days.  Max healthcare blamed the doctor for the blunder.

Sources- Tribune India, NDTV


Telangana State Government to pay six lakhs each victim of botch-up eye surgery

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) recommended the Government of Telangana to pay six lakhs a relief to victims of messed up eye surgeries at a government hospital in the state. The 13 victims whose eyesight can not be restored will receive the money and the NHRC has directed the state to show the proof of payment.

The pay was initially one lakh but it rose to six after the extent of injuries was assessed. These cases occurred at the government run Sarojini Devi Hospital at Mehdipatnam in Hyderabad in 2016.

After initial inquiries, it was discovered that the victims were given Compound Sodium Lactate IP 500 ml which tested positive for ‘Klebsiella bacteria’. Six out of the 13 patients have completely lost their eyesight after the incident.

The state denied liability and accused the manufacturers to pay the monetary relief. However, it is the state which is directed to pay the money. The Government filed a case against the manufacturer under the section 338 IPC. According to ANI, the commission has noticed that the state has not denied the allegations of the victims against them.

Sources: ANI, NetIndia

Image Source: ANI

Hyderabad doctor kills himself with the same gun he used to shoot his colleague

Hyderabad:  A brutal dispute between three doctors from Hyderabad turned into bloodbath.  The doctors who ran a hospital together got into a heated argument which climaxed with a shootout inside an SUV car. Dr. Shashi Kumar who is 40 shot himself with the same gun which he used to shoot his colleague Uday Kumar.

The police have been on the lookout for Dr. Kumar since the shooting.  Shashi’s body was found at a friend’s farmhouse that is situated near Hyderabad. They also also found a bottle of poison and a suicide note near the body.

Shashi kumar along with Uday Kumar and Saikumar have been partners in a multi-speciality hospital that opened this month in Hyderabad.  Shashi has invited the other two at a restaurant during lunch hours to discuss the future prospects. When they found the place to be too crowded, the three moved to their parked SUV where they talked and broke into an argument. Dr. Shashi Kumar allegedly then pulled out his gun and shot Uday which nicked Uday’s ear.

According to police officials, the trio had invested a sum of 15 crores in the hospital.  Shashi was upset that the top positions of CEO and managing director had been taken up by Uday Kumar and Sai Kumar.