Police protection, a status symbol for VIPs

Despite promises by the peace bearers of our country, VIP culture thrives at the cost of civilians 

Latest data narrates that 20,000 VIPs have on average, three cops to protect each of them, while for the ordinary citizens the shortage prevails. Data compiled by the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) under the home ministry shows that out of a total 19.26 lakh police officers in the country 56944 are deployed just for the safety of 20,828 VIPs across 29 states and six Union territories. Rather, Lakshadweep is the only state where no one has ever been given special police service. 

India floats among the least policed countries in the world. Only one cop is supposed to look after 663 people. More than a policeman being there as security, he/she has become a mere status symbol for few. They state reasons such as a threat to life to enjoy a supreme social life. 

This culture is flourishing well in North and East part of India. Bihar has 3,200 VIPs being given protection by 6,248 cops. West Bengal has 2.207 VIPs protected by 4,233 policemen, while 501 cops were originally sanctioned for such arrangements. Surprisingly, the capital, New Delhi has only 489 protected persons but has the maximum number of cops- 7,420 deputed. This is justified because important, high-profile meetings and visits happen with the President and Prime Minister who reside there. 

The southern states are far more ahead when it comes to saying no to VIP culture. Maharashtra only has 74 protected persons secured by 961 men from the police. While Kerala has only 57 VIPs and 214 deployed men for service. 

Somewhere between the hunger for power and fame, we are left unattended. Policemen are misused by the political administration as symbols of strength and control, rather than making them the symbols of security, safety and trust.  

Sources: Times Of India, India.com

Image source: Rediff.com