Baby weighing 400 grams at Birth survives after six-month struggle

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times
A premature baby girl born weighing 400 grams survived and gained weight, thanks to efforts of doctors at Jivanta Children’s Hospital in Udaipur and determination of her parents.

Jaipur, January 12: After struggling for six months, a baby girl who weighed just 400 grams at birth, and was 8.6 inches long at birth has returned to normalcy and discharged from hospital at Jaipur.

Dr. Sunil Janged, the neonatologist who led the team overseeing the baby girl at the neonatal intensive care unit claimed that referred baby was the smallest to survive in India as well as Asia as per medical records. Named Manushi by the staff of the Jivanta Children’s Hospital, the baby was delivered through a cesarean section as the blood flow to the fetus was found to be absent after ultrasonography of the pregnant mother.

The baby was put on ventilator to expand her immature, small lungs and was given parental nutrition initially. Gradually, she could digest milk and drink from spoon. Dr.Janged also stated that it was a challenge to ensure that there was no infection to the baby during course of the blood transfusion for her respiratory support.

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times
The baby after six months of clinical course.

At the time of her discharge, Manushi weighed 2400 grams and had been developing her body organs normally. She had spent 210 in intensive care unit, beating the odds of 0.5% chance of survival, as stated by medical experts in such cases.

Source: The Hindu, The Times of India

Rahul continues dynasty politics

Is he the one?
Is he the one?


On Saturday, Rahul Gandhi finally became the party’s Vice President; an announcement for which every party-member was eagerly waiting. This much-awaited appointment was made in Jaipur. As the No. 2 of the party, Rahul may take on Narendra Modi for the post of Prime minister in the 2014 General elections.

The news was well received by the Youth Congress members and party-men who celebrated it with great pomp and splendour. In his acceptance speech, Rahul expressed gratitude towards all the members present at the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting. He said that Congress is a great organization which will transform the country. Before Rahul was promoted, he was the general secretary in-charge of the Youth Congress and NSUI.

The following day saw Rahul Gandhi getting up-close and personal with the packed auditorium at Chintan Shivir. The speech was impressive and managed to strike a chord with the audience. During the course of his speech, Rahul mentioned the worries that his mother harboured after his promotion given that the world of politics is unforgiving and poisonous. This came across as a shocker since it was believed that Sonia Gandhi was instrumental in persuading him to take charge of the party.

Rahul’s expressive speech was filled with references to Rajiv and Indira Gandhi. No wonder he received a warm standing ovation from the audience. People like Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee President Niranjan Patnaik and party leader Anil Shastri have shown great confidence in the 42-year old scion of Nehru-Gandhi family. They commented that they see the youth in him and it is Rahul only who can bring Congress back in power in the state.

With people’s hopes riding high, will Rahul Gandhi be able to deliver his best? Surely he is young, focused and dedicated. However, despite being the ultimate mascot for not only his family but for the nation, especially youth; he doesn’t come across as a confident and eager leader. He is in such a position that his every move will bear consequences, both good and bad, and he will be held responsible for it.

He still needs to connect with the youth and that is possible only if he makes the right choices. Strategies will now hold an imperative role because if a situation of facing a politician like the chief minister of Gujarat comes, then the Prime Minister’s Office is not easy to conquer.

There is no doubt that India is going through a rough patch and its future is uncertain. It needs a leader that can take control of the situation and bring the much deserved stability in every corner of India. The question lies whether or not Rahul is that leader. The answer is unfortunately still unknown.