Palestinian Stabs Israeli; Anti-Trump Protests rise in Beirut

An Israeli security guard was stabbed by a Palestinian at Jerusalem’s main bus station on December 10th, 2017. According to reports from Reuters, U.S President Donald Trump’s acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel lead to the eruption of violent protests in the areas surrounding the U.S Embassy in Beirut.  The police regarded this as a terrorist act and described the attacker as a 24-year-old man from the West Bank. CCTV footage revealed the attacker flashing out a knife when asked to take off his jacket during a security check outside the bus station. The attacker who tried to escape was grounded and arrested by the police, while the 35-year old victim is battling for life in a hospital. The doctors suggest that he is in a critical condition.

Street protests sparked in Palestine following Trump’s announcement on December 6th. The U.S policy on Jerusalem – the holy city of Jews, Christians and Muslims, angered the foreign ministers of the Arab region. The Arabs foreign ministers who had a meeting in Cairo warned Trump to retract his decision as they claim it to be a grave problem that might damage the peace in the middle eastern region.

Reports from Reuters stated that during the protests in Beirut, tear gas and water cannons was used by the Lebanese security forces to suppress the protesters. The mob was waving the Palestinian flag and set ablaze the U.S and Israeli flag near the U.S Embassy.


Sources: Reuters, ABC News