Refugee ban granted by US Supreme Court

By the decision of lower court and the justice department, 24,000 additional refugees, who were granted an allowance to enter the US before October, were banned due to Supreme Court Justices grant on Tuesday, September 12, 2017. This was done on the basis of a request from the Trump administration block.

On March 6, 2017, US President Donald Trump had signed a revised order banning travelers and refugees from six Muslim majority countries, namely, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, for 90 days and 120 days respectively. Trump claimed that the reason for this ban was to prevent terrorists. Though there had been no definite information regarding the permanence or the expansion of the limit of the ban.

As the Lower Courts argued that this ban goes against the constitution and feudal immigration law, the High Court agreed to look into the matter, but did not came up with anything constructive. After the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, it has been decided that, people having authentic relationships with legal US residents or with entities in the US, will be exempted from the travel ban. But, nothing has been specified about the refugee allowance.

As reported by Reuters, senior director of campaigns, Naureen Shah of Amnesty International of USA said, “The Supreme Court today had dealt yet another devastating blow to vulnerable people who were on the cusp of obtaining safety for themselves and their families. They continue to be subjected to unimaginable violence and fear while their lives are in limbo.”

Sourced from Reuters and Al jazeera


Libyan aircraft with 118 people safe post hijacker surrender

Libyan aircraft Adrigiyah Airways 8U209, with 118 people on board has been proclaimed safe by the Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat as both the hijackers surrendered to authorities on the island of Malta.

The surrender came shortly after claims from the hijackers of having hand grenades and threatening to blow up the plane unless their demands were met.

The Airbus 320 flight, which took off from Sabha, a desert city in the south-western Libya was forced to divert to Malta, 350 kilometres away from the Libyan coast in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Maltese PM took to twitter to post a series of tweets informing the world about the situation and finally at 20:00 hours IST made a final tweet saying,

“Hijackers surrendered, searched and taken in custody.”


According to Malta-based journalist Karl Stagno-Navarra said to Al-Jazeera that one of the hijackers had appeared at the door of the plane and waved a large green flag suggesting loyalty to late Libysn leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Navarra analysed this to be a gesture made not towards international terrorism, but internal feud that is still on-going in Libya.

As investigations go on and hijackers are being interrogated, information that has surfaced from the PM’s office are

  1. The weapons they had were replicas
  2. All passengers and crew members were released unharmed.

Sabha from where the flight started on its journey has been a center of political tribal violence where deadly clashes have erupted between Gaddafi and Suleiman tribes, the most powerful armed tribes in the region.



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Car bomb attack in Libya killed 22 people

Around 22 people have been killed and more than 20 wounded in a car bomb attack in Libya’s second largest city Benghazi. The blast took place in a residential area of Guwarsha in western Benghazi where a three- storey building disintegrated.
The attack targeted the forces of Khalifa Hafter’s Libyan National Army (LNA). A coalition of Islamic and Jihadist militants called the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries claimed the responsibility of the attack. Car bombings have been usual in Libya, but the Tuesday’s blast witnessed a high toll of death. A large number of military vehicles have also been destroyed.
The country has been in complete turmoil since the dictator Moammar Gadhafi was killed in 2011. After that the LNA allied to a government had set up its forces and launched a campaign in Libya’s capital Tripoli in 2014 to fight against the IS. Recently United States launched their first anti-IS campaign in Libya’s Sirte. Barack Obama expressed his support towards the emerging government in Libya to fight against the Islamic State.
Source: Reuters

Two out of four Indians set free

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A source from the Foreign Affairs ministry said on Friday that the two out of four Indians who were abducted in the IS controlled part of Libya are being released.

After a year long wait, the two professors, Vijay Kumar and Lakshmikant who were working in an University in Sirte are being let free. These men started working again after they were taken hostages by the militants.

The detained men who hail from Karnataka and Hyderabad were abducted at an airport 50 kms away from the city at a checkpoint when they were about to catch a flight to India.

Four Indians abducted in Libya – I am

we have been able to secure the release of Lakshmikant and Vijay Kumar. Trying for other two,” Sushma Swaraj tweeted this evening.

In recent news, 39 construction workers are still missing in Iraq who were abducted last year. The terrorist activities have increased in the past few years after Muammar Gadaffi was killed.

Source: NDTV

No ‘Band of Brothers’ for Egypt

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members shout slogans during a protest in front of the Supreme Judicial Council in Cairo, Egypt. (AP Photo/ Amr Nabil)
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members shout slogans during a protest in front of the Supreme Judicial Council in Cairo, Egypt. (AP Photo/ Amr Nabil)

Egypt’s current situation is nothing less than an outraged cry for stability and democracy. The majority of the protestors believe that authoritarian rule, whether carried out by their elected representatives or their country’s armed forces, violates the essentials of democracy.

Morsi Mohamed, the first civilian Islamist president of Egypt, had threatened the stronghold of the Egyptian army on the overall politics and administration of the country, by bringing in the Islamic Brotherhood. Experts believe that the growing popularity and influence of the Islamic Brotherhood forced the army to support the rebel movement. Many have also accused Morsi for turning into a religious fanatic and a dictator from a democratically elected leader. He had earlier abrogated and nullified Egypt’s first ever hard-earned democracy to suit his own religious beliefs and laws of his Islamic Brotherhood.

The military police cracked down all Muslim Brotherhood camps the past few days. Over 900 people are feared dead. REUTERS

The revolution is against authoritarian rule, but has been painted as a protest supporting Morsi’s government by the army to justify their heavy-handed actions. On the other hand, the ruling generals of Egypt have showed little to no interest in driving their country back to the much demanded and needed democracy.

A civil war also seems to be on its way to ensue soon enough in Egypt as the political disregard and insensitivity of General Abdul-Fattah ek-Sisi, the de facto leader of the country in need, shows no concern towards the plausible results of such an uncontrolled rage and anger of an already volatile situation.

Protesters offering prayers during the month of Ramzan.

What has further complicated the matter is the insistence of Egypt’s neighbours for external intervention. The Saudi Arabian and UAE governments believe that external forces, especially Russia should intervene and help peace prevail in Egypt. However, USA, which had decided to not take any sides, is against Russia gaining control over the strategically located Egypt. However, all the international governments have their respective agendas which were reiterated during the Libyan uprising, and will only interfere if the action provides benefits to their governmental policies.

As is apparent from the army’s actions, their primary aim has been to quash any opposition to their interim regime. Any dialogues with either Morsi or the Islamic Brotherhood were refused, and the haste in crushing all the protestors without following proper protocol highlights the army’s ulterior motives. History has shown that authoritarian rule involves direct control under the garb of nationalism or religion. While the rule in Iran reflects the rule of the religious leaders with support from Ayatollah Khomeini, North Korea uses nationalism to impose the Kim dynasty’s regime.

It is clear that there is a direct struggle between the two opposing forces in Egypt, and the citizens are suffering as a result of that. The current revolution depicts their struggle to reinstate democracy. Only time will tell whether the revolution will lead to added chaos and complete degradation of the government machinery, for example, in Libya, or it shall lead to a positive influence in the Egyptian political scenario.