Muslim Cleric charged with raping 12-year-old girl

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Maulavi Saber Farooqui, a Muslim cleric at a madrasa in Nanded, Maharashtra raped a 12-year-old girl, and is now absconding.

Nanded (Maharashtra), January 18: A Madrasa cleric in Nanded, Maharashtra has been charged for allegedly raping a 12 year old girl and molesting another minor according to official police reports. The minor was raped at a seminary in Deglur Naka, Nanded called Islamia Arabia, a few days ago say the police. The cleric has been identified as Maulavi Saber Farooqui, who is presently absconding. The madrasa has several girl students from the Marathwada region.

Farooqui allegedly raped the girl after showing her clips of pornography on his mobile phone. After this, he also molested another 8 year old girl, reports NDTV. The case will be further probed by a special investigation team (SIT). When the mother of the victim showed intent to file a case against the cleric, three local politicians from the village tried to dissuade her. These three local leaders have been arrested after the mother registered a case with the Itwara police station in Nanded, according to Hindustan Times.

The police have reported that Farooqui had allegedly approached the minor’s mother to negotiate the situation but was immediately thrashed by locals. SIT head Sunita Borgaonker has said that more complaints could be filed against the accused and that the police have seized all documents from the Madrasa. Officials have been dispatched to trace the cleric.

UP government launches online portal for Madrasas

Led by Yogi Adityanath, the UP government has started a website for the madrasas in the state .The government has also made it compulsory for all madrasas to register on their newly launched website .
The website was inaugurated by Minority minister Laxmi Narayan Chaudhry in Tilak Hall of Vidhan Bhavan . According to Chaudhary, the new portal will be helpful for improving the quality of madrasa education.
As per the new system , all the madrasas are required to submit the details of employees,teachers along with other details such as building, class details and photographs.
The government’s move was highly appreciated by UP state minister Mohsin Raza .Further , he believes that the ”move will bring transparency”.
Madrasa managers and Muslim clerics were against the creation of the portal and believed that they were being ”targeted” by the Yogi government .
However , Rahul Gupta ( Registrar of UP Madrasa Shiksha Parishad ) believes that there is nothing wrong with the online portal.

IEBI to introduce mainstream education along with religious studies

In a major development on Wednesday, the newly formed Islamic Educational Board of India (IEBI) – Karnataka declared to introduce mainstream education along with religious studies from the next academic year.

As a vital step towards changing the syllabi in nearly 10,000 madrasas across the State, the board has decided that the IEBI will now monitor the activities in the madrasas and will implement guidelines of both Islamic and academic syllabi and instil values of Islam as a peace loving and a tolerant religion.

The newly formed board will have leaders of prominent Muslim bodies representing Sunnis, Sufis and 10 other organisations as the board monitors.

President of IEBI Sultan Sheik Abdul Khader said, “Madrasas are in a state of dissent as there are no prescribed syllabi, especially in Karnataka. Following the successful model of the syllabus in Kerala, we are working on bringing in changes in our state syllabus which will inculcate values of Islam to its students educating them that Islam never promotes violence. Terrorism is un-Islamic and anti-Islamic, and has no religion.”

Adding to this, he also mentioned that the newly formed board will devise the syllabus from zero level to class 12 in English, Urdu, Kannada, Malayalam and other Indian languages uniformly throughout all the Madrasas.

The board will also bring in trained teachers from across the country. Khader said that, the teachers will be first trained for one to three months in order to learn how to impart such a combined form of education. Almost 25,000 teachers are expected to join by next year.


IEBI will introduce mainstream education along with religious studies from next academic year Image source:
IEBI will introduce mainstream education along with religious studies from next academic year
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Alleged gang-rape pushes Meerut on edge

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Meerut: The gang-rape of a 20-year old woman in Hapur district of Meerut has become the cause for communal tension in riot ridden Uttar Pradesh .

The woman claims she was abducted from a Madrasa where she was a former employee and was forcibly converted. She was then gang-raped by her kidnappers which included the chief of  the village.

There also have been claims of human trafficking racket that is run by the accused. UP Police have launched an investigation into the matter and has registered a case against Sanaullah, his wife Shabnam, daughter Nusrat and Mohammad Mustafa, a resident of Muzaffarnagar for the same.

The incident led to mob attacking homes of a minority community in and around Meerut. Mulayam Singh Yadav, chief of Samajwadi Party, said that strict action will be taken to deliver justice, as the government tries to diffuse the situation in a communally sensitive town.

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