Mexico struck by second earthquake, more than 200 killed

A massive earthquake reportedly hit Mexico on Tuesday afternoon, killing an estimated 216 people. The casualties were revised to 248 later as fresh reports arrived.The tremors shook Mexico City and the neighbouring states of Puebla, Mexico and Morelos. Scores of people were killed and left trapped beneath buildings, including a school that collapsed in the capital city.

The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.1 with its epicenter at a distance of 2.8 miles from San Juan Raboso and 34.1 miles in the southwest direction of Puebla. Just in the previous week, tremors of 8.1 magnitude had struck the southern coastline of Mexico leaving 90 dead in its wake. Soon after the quake was felt, thousands of soldiers, rescuers and civilians, many of whom were college students rushed to save people stuck in emergency situations, buried under heaps of the rubble. People ran onto the roads as buildings fell, glasses shattered and gas leaks left strange smells in the air. In several portions of the worst-hit parts, you could see the damage almost immediately as was in the case of the airport.
The date of this earthquake falls on the anniversary of another great disaster from the past. On September 19th, 1985 when another earthquake of 8.0 magnitude had hit Mexico killing 9,500 people in the vicinity of Mexico City. The quake had led the country to incorporate several preventive changes and mitigation measures.
President Enrique Pena Nieto issued a statement declaring that the country was facing another emergency on a national level.

Mexico Hit By Strongest Earthquake In A Century: Reports State Warning of Tsunami

An earthquake of magnitude 8.2 Richter has hit Mexico. Reported to be the biggest tremor in a century, there are reportedly 6 casualties currently. Evacuations have begun on a large scale due to warnings of an impending tsunami across the region. The quake was felt at 165 km west of the state of Chiapas a while before midnight on Thursday.
Four of the deaths occurred in Chiapas and two of them in Tabasco state. Two among these were children, one in a hospital where electricity was lost and the other was when a wall collapsed. Schools in Mexico City, Chiapas, Hidalgo, Guerrero, Tabasco, Veracruz, Puebla, Oaxaca and Tlaxcala have been closed until further notice. The damage done to several hotels, hospitals, school buildings and other infrastructure will be evaluated first by experts to assess the damage.
Authorities from the National Disaster Prevention Centre were monitoring the overall situation to provide urgent updates. While the Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto attempted to diminish fears by stating on television that the tsunami was not expected to be worrisome. The tsunami warning centre has reported that the waves that strike the coast could be as high as 3 metres.
The tsunami recording centre predicted high tide for the city of Salina Cruz. Waves of a height between 30 cm and a metre were warned for Cook Islands, Equador, Fiji, El Salvador, French Polynesia and Guatemala. In 1985, an earthquake of 8.0 magnitude had hit Mexico that had corroded the region, killing close to 5,000 people and destroying 10,000 houses.
Sources: CNN, The Guardian

Firework explosion in Mexico claims 29 lives

A huge explosion caused due to fireworks in Mexico City claimed 29 lives and injured many. The accident took place in Tultepe- the best-known fireworks market of Mexico. The entire market consisting of more than 300 stands wiped out in the explosion.

Governor of the state, Eruviel Avila stated that 72 people have been injured in the whole incident. The Mexican red cross society said that it has sent 10 ambulances with 50 paramedics to help out the people. It took fire tenders more than 3 hours to bring the situation under control.

People were able to feel the ground tremble due to the explosions in the vicinity. The explosion seemed to be a festive celebration initially but later turned out to be a major accident. Several homes and nearby vehicles were also damaged as a result of the fire. The military was deployed in order to rescue the people who were trapped in the marketplace.

The charred bodies of the dead are unrecognisable, so forensic experts are working on their medical analysis. Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto tweeted his condolences for those who died in the fire. He also wished for a speedy recovery for those who were hurt in the fire.

Tutlepec is famous for its pyrotechnics industry. As Christmas and New Year is approaching, the whole industry was full of fireworks. A similar incident occurred in 2005 where many people lost their lives, just ahead of the Mexican Independence Day.


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Kolkata , A step ahead on tackling climate change

Among all the metropolitan in India, Kolkata bagged the award for being one of the best cities of 2016 in tackling climate change.

The Cities Climate Leadership Group(C40) is a group of megacities across the world that get together to fight greenhouse gas emissions at a local as well as a global level.

Kolkata was one among the 10 cities, globally, to be honoured with the award by the C40 due to its introduction and implementation of The Solid Waste Management Improvement Project.

Kolkata is the only city to receive this award from India. The award was received  at the C40 Mayors Summit, Mexico City.

“The project involved 100 per cent door to door collection of solid waste, segregation and recycling by way of compositing which is sold in the market,” Onkar Singh-Meena, Secretary Municipal Affairs and CEO of Kolkata Municipal Development Authority said.

The project has accomplished 60-80% of waste segregation at its source itself and the rest at the transfer station, as declared by a media release on the international summit of Mayors and millions plus cities. The member cities of India in this organisation are Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

“Our motto is participation of the common people. Being chairman, I have visited 50,000 house and have made our people aware about the benefits of solid waste management,” the chairman of Uttarpara Municipality, Dilip Yadav, said, after receiving the prestigious award.

The other cities who have won the award are Addis Adaba, Copenhagen, Curitiba, Sydney and Malborne, Paris, Portland, Seoul Shenzhen, and Yokohama.

Source: TOI, NDTV

Image Source: DNA