Dengue outbreak kills 21 in Kerala

In the past three weeks, a dengue outbreak has killed at least 21 people in Kerala. According to a government official, there has been a shortage of medicines and health workers to tackle the crisis in the state.

Reuters reported that more than 11,000 people have been infected with this mosquito-borne dengue virus that causes flu-like symptoms and can develop into a deadly hemorrhagic dengue fever. This has forced the state to buy new hospital beds and cancel medical staff leave.

Expressing concern over the issue, Kerala’s director of health services, R.L. Sarita said, “We are staring at a massive health crisis. There’s a shortage of medicines and health professionals to tackle the situation.”

Sarita also revealed that more than 40,000 people are suffering from high fever in the tourist hotspot and that the government is planning to set up emergency medical camps in school and temples.

The experts believe that the stagnant water left behind after torrential rains is contributing to the spread of dengue in the state. However, the authorities have claimed that they are trying to prevent breeding of mosquitoes by insecticide fogging.

Sources: NDTV, Reuters