HH Dalai Lama Inaugurates Second Edition of National Teachers Congress

Image Courtesy: Lobsang Tsering/Dalailama.com
HH the Dalai Lama adressing the audience at the 2nd National Teachers’ Congress at MAEER MIT World Peace University in Kothrud, Pune

Pune, January 10: Second edition of the National Teacher’s Congress was inaugurated at the MIT World Peace University in Kothrud, Pune, by Tibetan spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso. Addressing the inauguration, Dalai Lama hailed India’s unique potential to become a world leader capable of combining ancient wisdom with modern science.

He remarked he was the student of ancient Indian knowledge and finds many among the audience showing genuine interest in his explanations.

The National Teachers Congress, started in 2016, works with the objective to instigate and encourage teachers of Higher Education from across the nation. The Congress takes place for three days with extensive deliberations and dialogues. The aim of Congress is to awaken the spirit of teachers to look beyond the monetary values and develop the wider value impact on the society through this noble profession. The Congress is the common platform for every teacher to learn and know about national issues and to create awareness of it. Every year around 8, 000 teachers attend the deliberations.

An eighth-century Tibetan emperor once invited top masters from the Nalanda University. Tibet has preserved the Nalanda tradition for over 1,000 years even as Indians have forgotten it. Now is the time that India must revive its past through rigorous study.

– HH Dalai Lama

In view of the recent violence during 200th-anniversary celebrations of the Battle of Bhima Koregaon, His Holiness lamented that religion is the personal business and its ones own choice; whichever religion he or she follows is totally the personal matter. The society should not mobilise or create groups based on the religion. India is the country where different religion coexists together and has the great sense of tolerance and acceptance. It has become a wonderful place to live for people across faiths, especially those arriving from the Middle East in the form of Christianity or Islam.

His Holiness put his faith in India that he can foresee the possibilities of religious tolerance despite India being the young and complicated nation.

Source: Hindustan Times, The Indian Express