Apple steps up the Watch game   

Originally positioned as a luxury brand, Apple Inc. has recently focused more on fitness, and is planning to make its best seller a smarter watch. The company plans to release a version of its smartwatch towards the end of this year, which connects directly to cellular networks. This is to reduce the device’s reliability on its own products, untethering to new range of functionality.

Apple watches currently need wireless connectivity, but this will change. The latest watches come with LTE chips, which are planned for release by the end of this year. The technology jumbo is currently in talks with carriers in the U.S. and Europe to offer cellular networks. But in the wearables market, Apple stands third preceded by Xiaomi and Fitbit. Apple clearly has big plans for Watch both in the health segment and as a gateway to the connected home,” said Carolina Milanesi, consumer tech analyst at Creative Strategies.

According to Bloomberg‘s report, the new Watch gets its modem by Intel Corp. after legal troubles with Qualcomm Inc. This is a big win for Intel, which has been trying to get its components into more Apple gadgets for many years.

Apart from adding a cellular chip, Apple is also looking at software changes – more of Siri enabled features with payment options in iMessage and much more in WatchOS 4.

Sources: Bloomberg, BBC

Oppo announces technology capable of charging phones in 15 minutes

Chinese smart phone giant Oppo unveiled the new version of their VOCC fast charging technology at Mobile world Congress (MWC) 2016 in Barcelona. This technology will be used in all future oppo phones. This new technology can fully charge a phone in 15 mins. It is also capable of charging a smart phone to 45 % in just five minutes.

The oppo smart phones are already popular in China due to its VOCC technology which the company introduced in 2014. The new Super VOOC Flash Charge is a new and improved version of fast charging technology.

Oppo also made another technology announcement which was the SmartSensor Image Stabilization. Till now all image stabilizations offer have only been lens based, but this new technology is the first ever sensor based pixel level optical image stabilizer in a smart phone. Oppo claims that the new technology is a first in its kind.

Sky Li, Oppo global vice-president, managing director of its international mobile business and president of Oppo India, said in a statement.”We are excited to share these breakthrough technologies with the world at MWC 2016 — they’re the result of our commitment to listening to consumers and valuing their feedback to create more delightful user experiences for them in the future.”