Donald Trump, the Republican Nominee and his Sworn Discourse

Donald Trump has accepted the Republican nomination for US President. He offered himself as the powerful ally and declared “I’m with you, and I will fight for you, and I will win for you,”.

It was the pledge to cheer the Republicans and still skeptical voters; in his speech he proclaimed the crisis in the state “too staggering” to solve within the boundaries of traditional politics.

Trump focused on the increase of homicides in America’s 50 largest cities. His speech concentrated on the number of immigrants and no regard for security by the government for the people. Trump was introduced by his daughter Ivanka, and in her speech she also announced a child care policy proposal that the campaign had not mentioned before.

Despite the promises of “the truth, and nothing else” in his convention speech, it had been a mixture of misleading statistics and contradictory facts, including the perils facing police and US tax burden.

He accused Hillary Clinton and said that the level of “corruption has reached a level like never before”. He claimed that the legacy of Hillary Clinton was, “death, destruction, terrorism and weakness.” Donald Trump accused Obama of drawing a red line in Syria and claimed that he was the reason for the twofold rise of the national debt.

5 Policemen Dead, 7 Injured in Dallas Shootings

A peaceful protest in downtown Dallas turned chaotic when snipers opened fire on policemen on guard, killing 5 and injuring 7. Officials have not confirmed yet whether this incident is connected to the fatal shootings of two black men by the police earlier this week, but sources speculate that this might be a regrettable aftermath.

The attack was said to be carefully planned and highly coordinated as fresh gunfire broke out a little before 9 p.m., during the protests, where the snipers began shooting the officers. Protestors ran for cover, while the policemen on duty engaged in heavy gunfire with the suspects, who had settled on an elevated platform.

According to Mike Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas, SWAT officers arrived on scene and a three-hour long exchange of gunfire took place, where two civilians were caught in the crossfire as well. David Brown, Police Chief said that the gunmen threatened stating that there were explosives all over the place, but immediate disposal of the bomb squad did not churn up any devices.

Of the four snipers, one killed himself, while the other three have been arrested by the police officers. The dedication and bravery of the officers on scene was highly commended by the chief and officials around the country alike.

Addressing the event, Obama called it, “vicious, calculated and despicable”. The attack is said to be one of the worst on law enforcement since the attacks of 9/11.

US will “destroy” ISIS, says Barack Obama

Disagreeing that the fight against the ISIS remains a tough task, President Barack Obama told that United States will “destroy” and end the terrorist organization and bring a culmination to the Syrian conflict. He told that despite being a difficult fight United States would continue to draw in elements from their national power, their values and their strength as a community.

In the “incredibly complex” situation in Syria US military forces have been working along with anti IS commandos and Kurdish groups called Syrian Democratic Forces to overthrow the ruthless terror group.

Obama said that though the terror group was using innocent people as shields, United States has been making progress. This week he has directed his team to continue increasing their campaign against the violent group in all possible ways.

66 member coalition, plus the Arab allies are becoming stronger. Several more countries are joining the war against the terrorist group. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has lost more than 40 per cent of the areas it used to control. An alliance of local militaries is tightening the squeeze in its stronghold of Raqqa. IS has also been forced to bring down the salaries of its fighters as coalition forces have been bombing its oil infrastructure, Mr. Obama told.

Based on an agreement which was signed between Russia and US on Monday, a US supported ceasefire between the regime and the rebels was put into effect last night. This is the first important ceasefire since the civil war which started five years ago.


Sources:, TOI

Hilary Clinton calls Bernie Sanders’ plans ‘unrealistic’ in PBS Democratic Debate

In a bid to recover from her defeat in the New Hampshire primary, Hilary Clinton constantly challenged the policy plans of Bernie Sanders, also bashing him for criticizing Obama, in PBS’s news hour Democratic Debate on Thursday night.

Depicting Sanders as just a ‘talker’, Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton questioned the effectiveness of his agenda. Talking about Foreign Affairs, though Clinton underlined her experience in the area, Sanders was quick to disapprove her judgement on Libya and Iraq.

Accusing Sanders of endorsing a book that is critical of incumbent President Obama, Mrs. Clinton then took a dig at the Democratic candidate who recently won the primary at New Hampshire. “The kind of criticism that we heard from Sen. Sanders about our president, I expect from Republicans. I do not expect (it) from someone running for the Democratic nomination to succeed President Obama,” Hilary Clinton retorted. The tensions between the candidates increasingly grew with heated arguments between the two rivals who met for the first time since Clinton’s 2 digit defeat at the primary. “You are not in the White House yet, “the 74 year old Congress Senator, warned Clinton.

Sources: CNN, The New York Times

Tax hike for wealthy Americans, says Obama

In a decision that was made by the US President Barack Obama on Wednesday, in his final budget of $4.15 trillion he declared that the affluent masses in US would have to pay new taxes. He notified the Congress about the path- breaking ties with India as a part of its Asia- Pacific rebalance.

The budgetary proposal of 170 pages mentioned, that the Department of Defense continues to develop its India ties through Defense Technology and Trade Initiative. The other ties included Joint Working Group on Aircraft Carrier Technology Cooperation and Jet Engine Technology Joint Working Group.

The budget he said supported his assurance to a widespread regional strategy in Asia and the Pacific that emphasizes a rule-based order and advances security.

He stressed that recognizing that security in the Asia – Pacific region underlines global and regional prosperity. It looks at strengthening US alliances and partnerships with emerging powers and promoting regional financial cooperation. It also builds beneficial relations with China which include expanding practical cooperation on global issues while sincerely addressing differences.





PM Modi signs tricolor to be gifted to Obama; stirs controversy

Picture Courtesy: ANI
Picture Courtesy: ANI


Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have landed himself in soup after he “autographed” the India flag on Thursday. The tricolor was one of the tokens to be presented to U.S. President Barack Obama at the upcoming meeting between the heads of state.

The flag was handed over to celebrity chef Vikas Khanna along with a signed copy of ‘Utsav – A culinary epic of Indian festivals’, the chef’s own book. Khanna cooked an extravagant meal on Thursday evening for Modi’s meeting with the 40 CEOs of top American companies. He was supposed to present both the signed gifts to Obama on Monday. However, after controversy erupted online over alleged violation of the flag code by the PM, officials took the flag away.

According to a Firstpost article, the act allegedly violates 2.1(iv) of Section I, Part II of the Flag Code of India (2002) which states, “lettering of any kind shall not be put upon the Flag.” Further, Twitterati overwhelmingly expressed disdain over the PM’s seeming disrespect for the flag accompanied by the hashtag ‘#ModiInsultsTricolour’ and its versions.

This is not the PM’s first faux pas with the Indian tricolor. Previously, V Sundar, a Dalit activist from Puducherry had filed a complaint after a certain photo of him wiping his brow with what appeared to be the Tricolor during International Yoga Day celebrations made rounds on WhatsApp. With the Bihar elections fast approaching, this may not reflect on the BJP which seems to have adopted the “Modi wave” strategy for its campaign yet again.


Source: NDTV

S Jaishankar is new Foreign Secretary; Sujatha Singh sacked


Image courtesy: Hindustan Times

New Delhi: In a major shuffle within the Ministry of External Affairs, S Jaishankar has replaced Sujatha Singh as India’s new foreign secretary just eight months before the latter’s retirement. The move comes a day after the culmination of United States President Barack Obama’s visit to India where he commemorated the Republic Day ceremony.

It is being claimed that replacing Sujatha Singh was in the pipeline for months but the Modi government had been putting off the decision since BJP leader Sushma Swaraj had wanted her to stay on.  However, Subramaniam Jaishankar, previously India’s Ambassador to the US, had a deadline as he was to retire on January 31st. This would have been problematic, given that service guidelines disallow appointment as foreign secretary post retirement. Therefore, Singh had been asked to take up another ‘Constitutional post’ as a member of the UPSC but she declined and dared the government to sack her.

It seems that the Modi government took her up on the challenge, making her the first among foreign secretaries to be sacked unceremoniously in the previous 28 years.

Jaishankar has contributed significantly in making possible the Indo-US nuclear deal. He has also previously served as the Indian Ambassador to China.

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