Sewage worker dies after inhaling poisonous gas

In an unfortunate incident on Wednesday, Bharat Dhaokar, a 43-year-old sewage worker died after inhaling poisonous gas while cleaning a drainage chamber in the Kalewadi area of Pimpri-Chinchwad. The incident poses questions on the attitude of the civic authorities towards their staff.

Seema Savale, the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) Standing committee chairperson ensured that the contractor will have to pay Rs5 lakh as assistance to the family of the deceased.

Another worker employed with Dhaokar was rushed to the hospital, and is now out of danger. The PCMC administration has appointed a two-member committee of Joint Commissioner Dilip Gawde and Joint City Engineer Ravindra Dudhekar to probe the incident and take corrective measure to avoid recurrence.

According to Shravan Hardikar, the Municipal Commissioner, both the workers were trying to drain out the water from the drainage chamber using a jet suction machine. To place the machine, as soon as the workers opened the chamber, they suffered from suffocation and had to be hospitalised.

But, as per an eye-witness account, both the workers were lowered into the 10-feet deep chamber and after clearing it, they felt “uneasy and fell unconscious”.

Savale has promised the committee will take swift action and make those responsible pay.

Source – The Indian Express

Image Source – Rajesh Stephan

Kerala Muslim Jamaat’s Pune unit sets up women’s wing

Since its inception a century ago, the Poona wing of the Kerala Muslim Jamaat has organized a women’s wing according to a report in the Indian Express.
Newly appointed president of the wing is Shani Naushad, who said that women of the community are happy with this development. She also mentioned that it is also the first branch of the Kerala Muslim Jamaat to have a women’s wing. The Jamaat also has other divisions set up in various cities across the country.
Naushad would like to gather all the women in the society and envision future plans. Her initial focus will be on improving education – she would like to try and expand on the literacy rate of the community.
Abdul Gafoor who is a trustee of the Jamaat endorsed the move adding that women are excelling in various fields. They have already been involved in various projects carried out by the society earlier, and this dedicated wing will help increase their involvement.
Currently, the Jamaat has more than 500 members out of which 75 are women. Set up initially as a ‘Dead Body Committee’ after a cholera outburst 100 years ago in Pune, the Jamaat’s role has expanded from just carrying out last rites of persons without families. They now help the community in various way that include finance and education for the underprivileged.
The office of the Kerala Jamaat is located in Pune city. Another office was also set up in the PCMC, which has 50 women members currently.

Tonnes of Waste, Watts of Energy

After two failed Waste-to-energy projects, Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has come up with a third trial project-the waste-to-energy project, to manage waste in the city of Pimpri Chinchwad. PCMC has invited bids for the same.

The city of Pimpri Chinchwad generates around 650 to 700 tonnes of garbage which gets dumped in the Moshi garbage depot. The residents of Moshi, Charholi, Dighi and Bhosari have to suffer from the foul smell almost every day.

This garbage depot is spread over 80 acres and PCMC has implemented mechanical composting and vermicomposting methods to treat organic waste there. PCMC also barred people from further dumping of garbage at this depot.

“The civic body has proposed to implement the project on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) basis for 25 years. PCMC will provide around 5 acres of land to the appointed agency. We had invited request for proposal (RFP) from contractors for the same. Six have qualified. Soon bids would be invited, completing the tender process in two months” said Sanjay Kulkarni, PCMC executive engineer. He also informed TOI that PCMC will choose best conversion technology which would generate 11MW power from the project.

As per the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board’s norms the green project should not have any atmospheric emission. PCMC will be collecting organic waste from the residents and try vermicomposting it. The rest inorganic waste will be provided to the waste-to-energy project.

This initiative towards green Pimpri Chinchwad city will cost around Rs200 crore and will help in recycling tonnes of waste into watts of energy to the city. The civic bodies from various cities have also invited bids for similar projects.

Source: The Times of India


PCMC plans to construct 11,000 individual toilets in slums and other places

PIMPRI CHINCHWAD: The municipal administration procedures to style the twin city ‘open defecation free’ by March 2017. The civic body aims to construct 11,000 toilets in slums and other areas, besides building public toilets along main roads, including two bus rapid transit corridors.

Rajeev Jadhav, Municipal commissioner said that open defecation happens commonly around slum areas that do not have underground sewerage systems. The municipal corporation has already built 3,000 community toilets, but no individual units. He stated that open defecation will not happen if there were individual toilets. The Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal corporation strategies to build underground sewerage lines on a war-footing from following month.

Under initiatives like Swachh Bharat and Swachh Maharashtra, the municipal corporation has also been taken up the work of constructing individual toilets. Under the plan, a household receives Rs 16,000 as grant for building of individual toilet. The central and state governments, besides the municipal corporation and the house owner, share the outstanding cost.

“We have received 11,000 applications so far. Construction of around 1,000 toilets has already been completed. We will be able to meet the target by March next year,” Jadhav said.

SO far the PCMC has built about 2,000 public toilets at ST stands, railway stations and other areas.

Source- Times Of India

Trees being choked to death in concrete jungle

It is the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation’s (PCMC) job to plant trees but it has been harping on its inability to do so as there is no space left to plant trees within its jurisdiction.

Worse, paver blocks laid on pavements as part of beautification drives are packed so close around the bases of existing trees by the municipal garden department that the trees will be ‘\strangulated because of the blocks.