Terror attack at Peshawar’s agricultural university

Under the cloak of a burqa, five Taliban terrorists from Pakistan raged into the agricultural university campus of Peshawar on Friday, December 1st. The outbreak claimed the lives of nine students and left 32 injured before the gunmen were shot by the security forces. According to reports from The Times of India, Tehreek-i-Taliban took responsibility for the attack. Their link with supervisors in Afghanistan was suggested by the military officials. Tahir Khan, city police chief stated that the attackers entered the institute in a rickshaw and went into the training institute and fired at the inmates of the hostel. However, the crowd was relatively less as it was a government holiday on account of Eid-e-Milad.

The terrorists were equipped with automatic weapons and discharged grenades as the entered the campus. Police officials stated that the terrorists were killed by the security forces following an hour-long shootout that left three policemen injured. Hindu reported that the terrorists were geared with suicide jackets, pistols and explosives. They also possessed powerful artilleries such as AK 47s and Kalashnikovs.

Reports from Hindu stated that on Thursday, a day before the attack, Sajjad Khan, police SSP had informed the media about an intelligence report suggesting terrorist hostages. As a security measure, many law enforcement organizations were kept under vigilance. Despite the warning, there were inadequate number guards delegated to the institute. Being close to the Afghanistan border has made Peshawar a victim of violence meted against them by the Taliban mutiny.

Sources: Live Mint, The Hindu

Bomb blast in northwest Pakistan

A bomb attack in the town of Mardan in the northwest region of Pakistan killed at least 22 people today. The blast took place outside he National Database and Registration Authority office and is suspected to be a suicide attack by the police.

The event is considered to be the deadliest since the Peshawar attacks in December last year.

Jamat Ul Ahrar, a bloc of Pakistani Taliban has come out and accepted their involvement in carrying out the massacre. The bomber reportedly arrived on a motorbike and triggered the bomb himself when stopped by a security guard outside the Nadra building. The terrorist faction said that the location was fitting, as it was the “heathen Pakistan state”. The office is usually a crowded spot with people lined up to get ID cards.

“God willing, we will target all Pakistani organizations that are either directly or indirectly a part of this war,” said Ehsanullah Ehsan in a statement, a member of the group.

The Bach Khan Medical complex received 16 dead bodies and many injured were also taken there. Deputy Inspector General Saeed Wazi said that if the attacker has not been stopped by the security, the number of causalities would have been considerably higher. 12 kilograms of explosive material has been used, as reported. The same group along with other minor groups also claimed responsibility for the Wagah border attack in 2014 with India.

Mardan is located 50 km northwest of Peshawar, where 150 school kids were killed last in 2014.

News source: BBCAljazeera