US strangling pollution ridden India by exporting dirty fuel

Dirty fuel waste that the US refineries are unable to sell elsewhere is being to the already pollution ridden India. The main dirty fuel that comes to India from the US is the Petroleum coke, more popularly referred to as the pet coke. It is basically a leftover of the already refined Canadian tar sands and various other heavy oils. Pet coke contains 17 times more sulphur than common coal and also emits more earth-warming carbon. This is very dangerous to the environment as also to the living beings and that forms the main reason why American industries are denying to use it.

India being power hungry and finding this pet coke cheap, are consuming it more and more. And this pet coke is acting as a catalyst to the already degraded environmental condition of this country. As reported by The Times of India, US had send more that eight million metric tons of pet coke to India in 2016.

Health and environment experts are saying that, by exporting harmful fuel to India, US is only exporting a crucial environmental problem from one country to another, instead of curbing it.  According to the Gulf News “We should not become the dust bin of the rest of the world. We certainly can’t afford it, we are choking to death already”, said Sunita Narain, a member of the pollution control authority and is also the head of the Delhi based Center for Science and Environment.

Sources- Times of India, Gulf News