Free internet for poor people in new Kerala Budget

On Friday, March 3, Kerala government presented the 68th state Budget in the Assembly. This was Pinarayi Vijayan government’s first full budget. The Budget focused on the social welfare measures such as reservations for the differently-abled, increase the statewide internet connectivity and the creation of jobs in health sectors and education.

Kerala Finance Minister TM Thomas said, the internet will be the right of the people, and the two million “poor families” will be getting free access to the sites. The government also announced to give 20 lakh free internet connections.

He also added, “Internet will now become a right for the people and within 18 months the internet gateway would be set up through the K phone network at a cost of Rs 1,000 crore,”.

Nonetheless, the assembly was in chaos, as there was a high – level drama because the opposition members boycotted the Budget session over the alleged disclose of the major portions of the document on social media. It was reported that some members had entered the wall of the Assembly when Thomas was in the mid of his speech.

News Source: New Indian Express, Business Standard

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