Microsoft offers the highest package of Rs 1.39 crore a year

Microsoft, the biggest technology company of US is ready to welcome students from the Indian Institute of Technology with a ransom pay package. The placements for the passing batch of 2018 commences on December 1. Numerous companies are a part of this process, offering impressive offers to grab the most talented engineers from one of the topnotch institutes of India.

According to the Economics times, Microsoft is recruiting students for their Redmond headquarters with an annual pay check of Rs 1.39 crore. The exorbitant salary will include a base income of $108,000, along with performance gratuity of $21,600, joining bonus of $15,000 and stock units worth $70,000. All of this adds to a total of $214,600. As compared to Microsoft’s offer during the previous placement season with a package of $136,000 inclusive of all bonuses, this year’s offer is a remarkable leap.

 Reports from Business Standard stated that one among the chief recruiters is Uber Technologies, the US-based cab aggregator. Uber is set to provide a total package of Rs 99.87 lakh ($155,000), with a base income of $110,000. The other top hirers include Samsung Korea with an offer of Rs 96.8 ($150,000) and Rubrik, an American cloud data management company with Rs 74 lakh ($115,000).

Sources claim students from Kanpur, Bombay, Madras, Banaras Hindu University and Roorkee campuses are more likely to bag such opportunities.


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Microsoft CEO launches Skype Lite, Linkedln Lite, Sangam applications

At the Future Decoded event being held in Mumbai, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made a number of announcements. He launched light versions of Skype and LinkedIn. Two new products, Placements and Project Sangam were also launched.

The new Skype Lite application will come with in built Aadhaar and bots capabilities. It has been designed to work in both low bandwidth and poor connectivity areas. Skype Lite supports 9 regional languages and uses only 13 megabytes of space.

During the event, Satya Nadella launched LinkedIn lite as well. This application is also meant for low bandwidth and poor connectivity areas. It serves the purpose of providing data for business to business sales and for hiring employees. According to the CEO of Microsoft, it can be described as ‘simple yet powerful’.

Apart from these, two new applications were launched. They were the Placements and Project Sangam. While Placements will help students graduate with better jobs, Project Sangam will help citizens learn new skills to apply for jobs. Some of the features of Project Sangam are as follows. It has a built in Adhar login, multiple educational courses and built in LinkedIn Lite application.

SOURCE: Bloomberg, HT