Hyderabad Murder Mystery Solved with the Aid of Mutton Soup

Initiating a bizarre plan, married women and her lover, killed her husband on November 27th.  Later she poured acid on her lover’s face to pass him off as her husband so that after his plastic surgery they could live together. However, fate decreed otherwise. Noticing the lover, who was in the disguise of the dead husband refusing to eat the mutton soup served at the hospital, the family grew suspicious. When he claimed that he was a vegetarian, the dead husband’s family recalled that their son was a non-vegetarian. They immediately alerted the police and the crime was brought to light, as reported by The Times of India.

Swati, a 27-year-old-year-old nurse at a private hospital was married to Sudhakar Reddy, aged 32. They were together for three years and were also the parents of two children. She had an extramarital affair with a physiotherapist, Rajesh and together they planned to kill Sudhakar and loot his property. According to the police, the duo hit Reddy on his head and killed him, after injecting him with anesthesia to make him unconscious. They later took the body to a forest and burnt it. Following this, Swati threw acid on Rajesh’s face and lied to the family that Reddy was attacked by strangers. Their aim was to start a new life post Rajesh’s plastic surgery. According to sources from Deccan Chronicle, the crime aimed to mimic the Telugu crime thriller ‘Evadu’, where actor Allu Arjun undertakes plastic surgery to resemble Ram Charan, another character in the film. The police affirmed that Rajesh will be arrested as soon as he is discharged from the hospital.

Sources: The Times of India, Deccan Chronicle