Senior police officer found dead out a mosque in Srinagar

A senior officer was lynched to death in Srinagar on the night of June 22, as officials confirmed the report the following day. The victim Deputy Superintendent of Police, Ayub Pandith was found dead outside the Jamia Masjid in the old area of Nowhatta. Ayub hailed from Khanyar. This happened after he allegedly opened fire at a group of people who caught him clicking pictures near a mosque.

ANI has reported that around midnight, the deceased was making a video of stone pelting by locals, and while objecting to it, the mobs attacked him. In his defense, the cop used his service pistol in self-defence, leading to a more chaotic situation. Shockingly, the incident took place during the holiest night of the Muslim calendar, known as the ‘Shab-e-Qadr’. A curfew was imposed in the area shortly after the attack as police rushed to ensure normalcy.

Jammu and Kashmir police in a statement said, “Another police officer sacrificed his life in the line of duty. DySP Mohammed Ayub Pandith of Security attacked and beaten to death by a mob at Nowhatta last night.”

Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti expressed her grief over the incident. “What could be more shameful than this episode…He (Pandith) was there to protect the life of the people. Police are exercising maximum restraint, people must understand,” Mehbooba said.

The leader of the opposition and former J&K Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad called this incident shameful. “The way the DSP was lynched to death was so shameful. Killing a person in the holy month of Ramzan is condemnable. Such a thing is against both Islam and humanity,” Azad said.

Sources: Times Of India and Asian Age

First Haryana Women Police Day celebrated on Rakshabandhan 

On Wednesday, when the entire country was celebrating Rakshabandhan, district of Sector 51, Haryana marked it first Haryana Women Police Day. The event saw cultural celebrations and motivational speeches which were inaugurated IPS Y. Puran Kumar of Haryana. The event was organized by the Gurgaon Police at ‘All Women Police station’ which too was inaugurated around the same time last year, to promote women of Haryana to be unhesitant in regards to report rising domestic violence cases in the state, reported Times of India.

The event saw the second anniversary of All Women Police station of sector 51 and the launch of the Women Help Desk which was inaugurated by Gurgaon police commissioner Navdeep Singh on August 13. “The police is highly sensitive towards the safety of women in the city. Recently, we launched women help desks for those who don’t find it feasible to come to this police station. I hope all the girls here remember the women helpline number – please don’t hesitate to seek our help whenever someone tries to harass you”, Y. Puran Kumar stated in his speech during the inauguration.

The helpline is completely operated by female staff and the progressive nature of the helpline not only pertains to guiding victims about the rights, but it will also guide them about the case filing and legal court actions.

5 Policemen Dead, 7 Injured in Dallas Shootings

A peaceful protest in downtown Dallas turned chaotic when snipers opened fire on policemen on guard, killing 5 and injuring 7. Officials have not confirmed yet whether this incident is connected to the fatal shootings of two black men by the police earlier this week, but sources speculate that this might be a regrettable aftermath.

The attack was said to be carefully planned and highly coordinated as fresh gunfire broke out a little before 9 p.m., during the protests, where the snipers began shooting the officers. Protestors ran for cover, while the policemen on duty engaged in heavy gunfire with the suspects, who had settled on an elevated platform.

According to Mike Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas, SWAT officers arrived on scene and a three-hour long exchange of gunfire took place, where two civilians were caught in the crossfire as well. David Brown, Police Chief said that the gunmen threatened stating that there were explosives all over the place, but immediate disposal of the bomb squad did not churn up any devices.

Of the four snipers, one killed himself, while the other three have been arrested by the police officers. The dedication and bravery of the officers on scene was highly commended by the chief and officials around the country alike.

Addressing the event, Obama called it, “vicious, calculated and despicable”. The attack is said to be one of the worst on law enforcement since the attacks of 9/11.

Third call money racket busted in Andhra Pradesh

The Vijayawada Police have busted a loan racket, in another case of “call money” as known in Andhra Pradesh, which involved several women allegedly forced into prostitution, as a consequence of not being able to repay loan taken at very high interest rates.

Y Ramachandra Murthy, a deputy engineer of AP Transmission Corporation, G Satyanand, private financiers like, B Shankar, Venigalla Srikanth, Pendyala Srikanth and Dudala Rajesh, alleged to be the brains behind the operation, has been arrested by the police.

Police are also probing the role of some local political leaders, particularly of the governing Telugu Desam Party for backing the group that was running the racket.

The racket was busted after a woman filed a case stating that her daughter and son-in-law were abducted by a private financier, who runs the Seven Sisters agency.  The abduction was a result of them failing to repay a loan of Rs 3 lakh, which they had availed at an interest rate of 30 per cent.

Speaking on the agenda behind of racket, Gautam Sawang, Vijayawada Police Commissioner said, “This gang’s modus operandi is to give loans to innocent women at very high interest rates, and when they are unable to repay on time, they threaten them and coerce them into handing over their houses or lands in lieu of the loan.”

The list of charges under which cases have been registered are, IPC sections 420 (cheating), 376 (rape), 354 a(1) (2) (sexual harassment), 384 (extortion), 501 (defamation), 120(B) (criminal conspiracy).



Indonesia Tests Virginity Before Female Police Recruitment

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Jakarta: Before recruiting females, Indonesia does the “two-finger” test to examine if they are virgins. New women officers in Indonesia are required to be single and virgin but the physical test makes them traumatized and humiliated, said human rights watch.

They also added that Indonesia must stop subjecting female police recruits to physical tests to try and determine whether their hymens are intact. This practice has been described as degrading and discriminatory. According to this group, female applicants in six Indonesian cities had gone through the so called “two-finger test”

Police spokesman Maj. Gen. Ronny Sompie of Indonesia said that people should not respond negatively to the test as it is aimed at ensuring that those applicants were free from sexually transmitted diseases. He added that the whole process was done in a professional manner and did not harm any individual

A 24 year old applicant who underwent this test among 20 applicants told in a silhouette video, “I feared that after they performed the test I would not be a virgin anymore. They inserted two fingers with gels…it really hurt”.

Source: The Hindu

Two students critical after eating “Farsan”

Two 14-year-old students of an ashram shala in Junnar taluka, died of food poisoning after they ate “farsan” which they stole from an eatery near their school. The police have collected the samples of the “farsan” from the eatery and are investigating into the matter. A cae of accidental death has been registered and no arrests have been made so far.