President Ram Nath Kovind’s address to the nation on the eve of 68th Republic Day

In the backdrop of intensifying row and violence over Padmaavat, President Ram Nath Kovind on on the eve of Republic Day called for a “civic-minded” social order where one can disagree with opinions even which had a historical background without mocking the other person’s self-respect.

Civic conscious nation is built by civic-minded neighbourhoods, whether in our cities or our villages. Where we revere the next-door individual’s privacy and rights. Where we do not trouble our neighbours – while celebrating a festival or when resort to a protest or on any other event.

Where one can debate with another on a viewpoint – or even with a historical setting – without mocking a fellow citizen’s self-respect and personal space. This is fraternity in action, the President added in his first Republic Day-eve address to the nation.

Kovind also pointed out that institutes should be “disciplined and morally upright”, in addition they are always “more important” than the persons in office. The institutes should also esteem their “fraternal relationship” with other institutes, he said.

In his address, the President emphasized the struggle of millions of people led by Mahatma Gandhi in getting independence of the country which was tracked by writing the Constitution for the country.

He said that the country cannot be content without meeting the rudimentary needs and essential dignity of our under privileged people.

He referred to those from a less privileged socio-economic background, from the weaker communities and from families that still live at the edge of poverty. He emphasised that it is our sacred obligation to eliminate the curse of poverty in the shortest possible time. This is not negotiable for the Republic.

Observing that the “promise of a developed India beckons us”, Kovind said this is the new stage of our nation building project on which we have embarked. “This is the Republic that our young people need to take forward and enhance – in keeping with their vision, their ambition and their ideals. And their vision, ambition and ideals.”

Calling for reforms, upgradation and enlarging the education system, the President said over 60 per cent of the country’s population are below the age of 35. “It is in them that our hopes lie. We have made strides in spreading literacy; now we must expand the frontiers of education and of knowledge. Our aspiration must be to reform, upgrade and enlarge our education system – and to make it relevant to 21st century realities of the digital economy, genomics, robotics and automation…”

Highest stage of India’s nation building project is to contribute to building a better, amalgamated and cohesive world at peace with itself and at peace with landscape which is the ideal of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – of the World being One Family, he said.

Sources: NDTV, The Hindu

President Ram Nath Kovind addresses the nation on Independence Eve

On the eve of 71st Independence Day, the newly elected President of India Ram Nath Kovind addressed the nation for the first time. The vision for creating a “New India” by 2022 and an egalitarian society that does not discriminate based on gender or religious background formed the crux of Kovind’s maiden speech to the country. Maintaining an optimistic tone, Kovind backed government’s demonetization act and appreciated people’s support for the recent Good and Services Tax scheme.

In his talk, the Dalit president emphasized that India must be an empathetic society where socially backward classes like SC, ST and OBC constitute a major part in India’s development. Focussing on the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” campaign, Kovind said that it is every individual’s duty to ensure that best education is provided to girls. In addition to this, he also highlighted the people’s role in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Highlighting the cooperation between government and the citizens, President Kovind said, “The stress on the moral basis of policy and action, belief in unity and discipline, faith in a synthesis of heritage and science, and promotion of the rule of law and of education – all of it was located in a partnership between citizen and government.”

Kovind concluded his speech with Buddha’s quote of “Being your own light”, and appealed everyone to contribute their share in taking India to greater heights.


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