PCB Survey: 73 ‘dilapidated and unsafe’ structures in Pune

A survey conducted by the Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) found that 73 ‘dilapidated and unsafe’ buildings in many areas. As per Section 297 of the Cantonment Act, 2006, such surveys are done every year during monsoon to identify the dangerous buildings in Pune.

 Dr. D N Yadav told Indian Express that they issued the eviction notices to the resident who still resides in six such dingy structures and there are approximately 3000 properties in the PCB area.

He further informed, While ward wise surveys are undertaken, the authorities are also intimated by locals about such crumbling structures. Time and again notices have been issued but occupants refuse to vacate the structures in several cases, following which cases are filed in the court.”

 Notices were served to dilapidated properties at 1138, 1139 Saifee Lane, 770 Taboot Street, 1192 Shimpi Ali, 1936 Dwayer Lane and others at Kedari Road by the engineering department.

 Most of the unsafe buildings are in Ward 1, which includes part of  Boottee Street, Dastur Meher Road and a part of Sachapir Street; Ward 2, which includes  J J Garden, old Modikhana, Taboot Street and Meher Mohalla and Ward 3, which has areas like Bhimpura Lane, Centre Street , V P Street and a part of Shimpi Ali.

 In many cases, there were legal disputes between the tenant and owner, due to which no repair work could take place. This posed a risk not only for people staying at such places but also for the adjacent buildings.

Sources: Indian Express

Image Source: TOI 

Illicit hoardings cost Pune Cantonment Board 3.5 crore 

The Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) has incurred losses to the tune of Rs 3.5 crore. This is because of illicit billboard hoardings on their land which have remained unchecked.

The details came out after an RTI was filed by an activist by the name of Mazhar Khan who brought the issue up and also asked for the persons who were guilty of the crime to be punished.

This is pertaining to the financial periods between 2014-15, and 2015-16 during which the PCB had not announced tenders for the 33 sites in question – which reportedly fall under defense land.

According to Khan, between 2014 and 2016, the board had not invited tenders for advertisement hoardings – each of which could fetch a sum of Rs 50,000 each. He asked who would compensate such losses now that the cat was out of the bag.

Between the years 2012 and 2014, the tenders were given to Raviraj Sign Board Company for all the 33 sites and the PCB earned over two crores between 2012-13 and 2013-14.

Later between 2014-16 the board did not invite any such tenders, which means there was no auction to choose the agency in question.

As per reports, in a recent board meeting, the PCB auctioned 21 such sites, while the remaining 12 were said to be auctioned on the 23 of December.

However, Khan claims that the 12 sites mentioned about have been given sanctions to advertise illegally while the authorities have failed to take the necessary action against the same.

SOURCE: Pune Mirror

Pune gets First Water ATM

Pune got its first water ATM on Wednesday. The Pune Cantonment board (PCB) inaugurated this service at Hind Tarun Mandal in Camp area.
This ATM has been installed primarily for the purpose of evaluation of the requirements of the people. They will study the usage of the ATM and accordingly will plan the large scale implementation. Seven more water ATMs are under planning.
The inauguration was done by Director General of Defence Estate, Jogeshwar Sharma. Minister of State Dilip Kamble was also present at the inauguration ceremony along with the whole team of PCB.
A radio frequency identification device (RFID) card will be issued to the consumers. It is similar to an ATM card but instead of cash, the consumer can withdraw water at a price of 25-30 paise per litre. The withdrawal limit is 20 litres per card, and 500ml per command. The card can be recharged too.
For a month from now, the water ATM is freely accessible. PCB office has fifty cards available with them. Also, a member from the manufacturing department will be present near the ATM for a few days and instruct the people about the usage of the water ATM.
As the water is safe and clean for drinking purpose, it helps the pedestrians and those who cannot afford to buy Rs 20 water bottles. Camp area residents believe that Water is a necessary resource and its availability to everyone will be a great relief. Also, a decrement in plastic generated through bottles is expected.
SOURCE : Sakal Times
IMAGE SOURCE : The Indian Express