Public facing problems in the PEDL scheme

The Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited (PSCDCL) has claimed that its ‘PEDL’ scheme has become a huge success, within just two months of its launch. To substantiate its claim, it has been observed that over 800 cycles were made available at different locations at various places in the city. Regardless of the development, the public has been facing many issues while accessing the cycles.

The Pune Mirror on Sunday did a small test drive and discovered a lot of problems while accessing the cycles, ranging from missing cycles to malfunctions making them unavailable. Some vehicles just refused to get unlocked and others showed that they are already being used by someone else when they were just still at a station. Additionally, there was the problem of users being shown that there was insufficient balance to pay for the ride when they actually did.

As an answer to these problems, the authorities claimed that these were only temporary, and that they were working towards their resolution. An official told the Mirror, “We introduced these cycles based on public response, which is huge. Hence, with PMC’s help, we are expanding across the city. We cannot deny some glitches, but we are tackling them as they arise. Earlier, we were using cycles from another company, which were free — now, we are only introducing the paid ones, as they create less issues.”