Indian Railways cancel 26 trains due to dense fog conditions

In order to restore the punctuality, 26 trains have been cancelled by the Indian Railways in the northern areas of the country affected by heavy fog, resulting in extremely low visibility conditions. The decision came on Sunday and will be in effect from December 17 to January 15.

East Central Railway (ECR) zone is one of the most affected by this decision, due to cancellation of seven trains either originating/passing/departing from the zone for almost a month’s time period.

The list of cancelled trains include the likes of  Patna-Howrah Janshatabdi, Patna Rajdhani Express, Patna-Ranchi Janshatabdi, Sampoorna Kranti Express and Saharsa-Amritsar Express.

As per a report in The Financial Express, AK Rajak, the ECR chief public relations officer said, “The move will help us streamline the timing of express/mail trains, which have been running inordinately late in the past few weeks.”

Apparently, as the visibility dropped as low as 400 metres on Monday, almost 23 trains were rescheduled and more than 80 trains heading toward Delhi were delayed.

While flight operations cope easily with these weather conditions with latest technology such as thermal imaging and radar guidance systems, with the occasional delays in the flights, railways face huge troubles and these areas witness several accidents every year.

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Railway hikes passenger fares in Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto.

In a bold move, the Railway Ministry has brought in a reform to increase the fare prices of the Duronto, Rajdhani and Shatabdi express trains. Even after the hike, the railway is still the cheapest mode of travel for a common man. The decision has been made on the model of dynamic fare system in vogue in the aviation sector. The flexi fare system will be introduced in the II AC, III AC, Chair Car in the three trains where the 10 per cent of the seats will be sold in the normal fare in the beginning but it will go on increasing by every 10 per cent with every 10 per cent berths sold with a maximum cap of 50 per cent. The I AC and the Executive Class has not been included in this system because of the already prevailing high fares. The sleeper class will also be charged in the Duronto Trains. While the maximum hike for II AC and Chair Car will be 50 per cent, for III AC, it will be 40 per cent. The Ministry targets to earn Rs. 500 crore from 42 Rajdhani, 46 Shatabdi and 54 Duronto trains by introducing the flexi fare system. It targets to achieve Rs. 51,000 crores of revenue which is passenger induced in contrast to the Rs. 45,000 crore in the last fiscal year, an increase of Rs. 6000 crore in 2016-17. There will be hardly any difficulty for the common man to avail to the railway services as the majority of the population use the unreserved segment where there is no price hike. The aforementioned train mostly cater to the high-end category of the passenger segment and comprises of a small segment of the population.A price hike in the railway was much needed as the carrier service had been facing losses in the passenger segment. As mentioned by Minister of State for Railways, Manoj Sinha in the Lok Sabha inApril, the total loss incurred by the Ministry in the passenger segment was Rs. 33,490.95 crore in the financial year 2015. While railways’ primary mandate is to make cheaper travelling possible for the common man, it is in the interest of the public that railways remain operationally viable to stay here for long.

Delhi-Lucknow Shatabdi Express evacuated after bomb scare on the train

New Delhi: Following a bomb scare on the train, the Delhi-Lucknow Shatabdi Express was evacuated at the Ghaziabad railway station on Sunday morning.

Several other trains were delayed or stopped after the Railways was warned about a possible bomb attack in one of the trains running between Delhi and Kanpur.

Delhi Divisional Railway Manager Arun Arora said, “We received an input from Delhi Police about a possibility of bombs in major trains like Shatabdi, Duronto, Rajdhani, Vaishali Express and Nilanchal Express.” Post the alert, search operations were carried out in all railway stations across the city, told the official.

The Delhi-Lucknow Shatabdi Express that departed from New Delhi Railway Station at around 6.10 am was stopped at the Ghaziabad railway station for checking. A sniffer dog squad and a bomb threat team carried out a thorough combing operation of the train. After getting the clearance nod from the security agencies, the train was allowed to resume its journey at 7.52 am.

The Railways have stepped up security measures at major railway stations like the New Delhi, Nizamuddin, Old Delhi and Anand Vihar stations.

The National Capital is on high alert following yesterday’s terror attack at Pathankot Air Force Base.