When America celebrated ‘Not My President’s Day’

On the occasion of Presidents Day on February 20  Americans protested to condemned current President Donald Trump. Thousands of Americans took the streets for ‘Not My President’s Day’ rallies in the cities across the countries.

People protested against his travel ban, and his victory despite a popular vote defeat. Zack Winestine who is a researcher from lower Manhattan carried a sign which called the election illegitimate, Daily News New York reported. He said, “Technically, the people did not elect him. For him to be governing as though he has a mandate on the far right is not legitimate. Russia intervened in this election. The FBI intervened in the election. Trump himself ran a campaign based on lies and misrepresentations never before seen in modern American politics. He does not represent the will of the American people.”

Twenty people helped in organising these rallies in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Olga Lexell, one of the 20 people, said that the intention of the rallies and protest were to show President Trump that people are against his policies and executive orders.

People in the rallies chanted, “In the name of humanity, fascist America — No! No! No! No! No!,” Moreover, merchants were selling T-shirts which read “Not My President” with a sub-text “Elected but not chosen.”

News Source: ANI,  Daily News New York

Image Source: Rex Features

Carpet-bomb Bihar with rallies: BJP

With exactly a week left for the start of the much awaited Bihar elections, the BJP has decided to redraw its Bihar strategy which will aim at carpet-bombing the state with rallies. This comes after the reports which state a neck and neck finish with the Nitish Kumar-led “Grand Alliance” in the assembly elections.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also held a rally at Banka a week back which saw him making all the ‘right’ noises on the core theme of development along with reminders of the special packageof Rs.1.25 lakh crore given to the state. Without paying any heed to the ‘reservation’ trap laid by Lalu or the recent call for a review of the country’s reservation policy by RSS chief Mohan, Modi instead focused to target Nitish Kumar on ‘vikas’.

By laying stress on some of the pro-poor schemes like BetiBachao and BetiPadhao  and Mudra loans, Modi has given pretty large number of tickets to his  upper caste candidates so that they couldstress on their pro poor agenda.

Speaking at the rally, Modi tried to influence the voters of Bihar by saying, “This time Bihar will celebrate two Diwalis. First, when election results are declared and the second, on the day of Diwali.Package announced for Bihar is not a favor, but your right. India cannot advance without Bihar’s progress.”

Taking cues from the speech though, the rival camp has now jumped at an opportunity to accuse the BJP of a plan which would do away with reservation policy for the lower class if they win in Bihar. The RSS has thus become the BJP’s ideological mentor.

What makes Bihar politics interesting is the numerical strength mix of caste votes. The sections of Dalits and even backward castes command the strength which could dictate the mandate in Bihar. The BJP has thus allied with such three parties who command their support. However, the Nitish Kumar-Lalu Prasad-Congress coalition seems to have an advantage in this caste-centric campaign.

Meanwhile, Kumar had made a blistering attack on Modi in the rally held last month in Bihar.While attacking the PM on his development card, he said, “By parivartan do you mean to send back girls home from school where they are going today on bicycles?” he said slamming the BJP.”

BJP sources have also claimed that the PM is expected to address many such rallies in Bihar than which is originally planned. ‘He may now hold 40 rallies, up from 30,” a source said.