Fire in Bangladesh Factory kills 23, injures 70

Tongi, Bangladesh: 23 people have been killed and more than 70 injured at a packaging factory in Bangladesh. Local police stated that around 100 workers were in the factory when the fire broke out. A boiler in the factory exploded, causing the fire to erupt and engulf the building.

Bangladesh newspaper, The Dhaka Tribune, reported that flames quickly spread through the four-storey Tempako Packaging Factory, which is 20 km North of capital city, Dhaka. The explosion instantly killed 17 people, while according to latest statistics, more than four workers succumbed to their injuries.

The government deployed more than twenty teams of firefighters to control and eventually extinguish the massive blaze. The fire also caused the four-storey building to partially collapse, injuring more workers.

This latest incident is just one in a string of fires over the past few years. Due to poor safety measures and conditions in factories, workers’ lives are often put at risk. In 2013, the popular Rana Plaza collapsed, leaving a horrific death toll of more than 1000 people.