India sends out its relief to Rohingya Refugees

India sent 53 tonnes of relief materials for the lakhs of Rohingya Muslim refugees in Rakhine provine of Bangladesh under the operation ‘Insaaniyat.’ The relief material consists of items the packets of food staples namely rice, pulses, sugar, salt, cooking oil, tea, ready to eat noodles, biscuits and some urgently required basic amenities like mosquito nets, tents etc. Bangladesh is currently facing huges problem due to huge exodus of muslims from neighboring country Mayanmar and settling in the former.

According to the reports India will provide 7000 tonnes of relief material to Bangladesh.

Bangladesh High Commissioner in New Delhi Syed Muazzem Ali discussed the influx crisis in detail with Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar last week. India’s stance on the issue was a reason for garnering flak and the first assistance came days after Dhaka approached India.

The external Ministry in New Delhi quoted, “In response to the humanitarian crisis being faced on account of the large influx of refugees into Bangladesh, Government of India has decided to extend assistance to Bangladesh.”

According to the UN reports, more than 379,000 refugees have crossed Bangladesh Border since the violence erupted in the country On Aug 25 and they also claimed that a brutal campaign was lauched against them in their own country.  UN has also made an emergency appeal for $77 million to address the Rohingya crisis.

SOURCES : The Wire  Economic Times

Actor Kal Penn donates Masterchef prize money to Palestinian refugees

Indian-American actor and White House Official Kalpen Modi, who goes by the stage name Kal Penn, has donated his MasterChef Celebrity Showdown prize money to support the Palestinian refugees.

The ‘Harold and Kumar’ star donated a whopping $25,000 that he won on the show to the UN refugee work agency, UNRWA.

His generous contribution won him many accolades from the activists of the Palestinians cause, who term it as ‘priceless’. Abby Smardon, executive director of UNRWA USA, said the agency has seen an influx of donations after the show, but supporters are more thrilled about the awareness that Penn brought to the humanitarian cause.

Palestine is one of the many countries that is seething under a terrible refugee crisis. After the conflicts between June 1, 1946 and May 15, 1948, when the state of Israel was established, thousands lost their homes and came on streets. Around 44 per cent of the world’s refugees are Palestinians.

The cooking show Masterchef USA invited eight celebs for a special cooking challenge round where they had to choose an NGO to donate the money raised by them.The actor also urged his followers on twitter to donate for this cause and promised to send thank you cards to the donors.

Sources: Middle East Eye, The Daily Meal

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Afghan teen attacks several In German train by axe, suspected ISIS militant

A 17 year old attacked several people on a train in Wuerzburg on Monday evening. He was later shot dead by the police.

The attack took place in the Treuchtlingen- Wuerzburg train in Germany and had to make an emergency stop at Heidingsfeld. The teen was chased by the police and later killed in an encounter. 

The attacker has been identified as an Afghan refugee. A recent released video finds him as an “IS soldier”. ISIS named the teen as Muhammad Riyad. The police found ISIS resembling flag from the teen’s room in Ochsenfurt, Bavaria. He was also heard shouting “Allahu akbar” (God is great). ISIS’s online Amaq news agency released a statement claiming the attack. The Interior minister of Bavaria state Joachim Herrmann believes that the teen had become ‘self-radicalised’ Muslim. No reason for the attack has been specified.

Around 21 people were injured in the attack out of which five are battling for life. A Hong Kong family is also among the victims. A eyewitness told The Telegraph that the train that was carrying 25 passengers looked like a slaughter house with blood spilt everywhere on the floor.

This attack has added on to the tension over refugee intake in Germany. Last year 1.1 million refugees entered Germany which is now fearing more terrorist activities. 

EU leaders pledge 1 billion Euros to support Syrian refugees

A young Syrian living in Greece holds a placard  at central Athens Syntagma square. Picture Courtesy:
A young Syrian living in Greece holds a placard at central Athens Syntagma square. Picture Courtesy:


Facing an immense migration crisis, European Union leaders on Thursday morning agreed on pledging 1 billion Euros to UN agencies to support Syrian refugees in the Middle East. The help will also be extended to countries that are Syria’s neighbours where millions of people have migrated since its conflict emerged.  The leaders have also decided to strengthen EU external borders.

“The greatest tide of refugees and migrants is yet to come. We need to correct the policy of open doors and windows,” said European Council President Donald Tusk.

In this year itself, more than half a million people have fled to Europe to seek sanctuary both in terms of asylum and economic opportunities. With the numbers increasing every day, countries have tightened border security to avoid further havoc. The decision is also being touted as a step to systematically filter out migrants who are unlikely to qualify for asylum in Europe.

“The measures we have agreed today will not end the crisis. But they are all necessary steps in the right direction,” Tusk was quoted as saying at the end of a seven-hour long meeting. He added that European leaders after much debate about the best way to tackle the issue of migrants fleeing to Europe, finally reached a common consensus at the meeting.

The top leaders also decided on setting up ‘hotspots’ by November, with which EU experts can register and identify migrants eligible for refugee protection.