Narendra Modi announces Rs 2 Lakh compensation for Assam and Rajasthan flood victims

As reported by Deccan Herald, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 31, 2017, announced a compensation of Rs 2 lakhs each for the kins of those who lost their lives during the flood havoc that struck Assam and Rajasthan. Rs 50, 000 is to be allotted to those who were seriously injured during the natural calamity in the two states. The destruction caused by the floods due to heavy rainshas claimed the lives of 50 persons in Assam and over 15 people have died in Rajasthan, according to Deccan Herald.

The two states have witnessed an epidemic damage leaving hundreds of people homeless apart from the loss of lives. The Prime Minister is expected to inspect the flood hit areas in Assam on August 1 to evaluate the situation. During the previous week, had visited the Gujarat and assessed the plight there.

Modi also added that a relief fund of Rs 50,000 will be sanctioned for each of the victims, who were wounded during the Ghatkopar building collapse that occurred in Mumbai on July 25. The death toll from the building collapse was around 17, as reported by Financial Express.

While speaking to the country on his monthly radio show ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Modi promised the provision of sufficient relief and assistance to the flood-hit states. He also ordered the crop insurance companies in the affected states to be considerate in settling the claims of the desperate farmers. He has also assured that the Army, the IAF, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and paramilitary forces will monitor the flood affected regions and engage in rescue operations; as reported by Zee News.

News Source: Deccan Herald, Financial Express

Image Source: Reuters

India to send 40 tonnes aid to cyclone-hit Fiji

India is to send 40 tonnes of medicines, clothes and food to Fiji, which was struck by a devastating cyclone over the weekend. An Indian Air Force aircraft will carry the supplies to the island nation. The government is planning to fly a C17 plane from Delhi to Chennai with about 20 tonnes of the supplies. From Chennai, the aircraft will pick up another 20 tonnes of supplies before heading towards Fiji, sources told Economic Times.

Fiji was hit by Cyclone Winston, the most powerful to hit the islands in its history over the weekend, claiming close to 44 lives and rendereing over a thousand homeless. With winds at over 200 kmph, the cyclone was the worst ever

documented in the southern hemisphere.

The storm destroyed villages and caused extensive flooding, forcing people to drive out of their hometowns in scores.

Australia and New Zealand have led the international aid drive to support Fiji in rehabilitating their citizens, as more than half the nation is paralysed with in the aftermath of the massive cyclone.

Sources: Economic times

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