Shiv Sena takes dig at Maharashtra government after Pune businessman murder

In the wake of the murder of a 56-year-old builder in Pune, the Shiv Sena has chastised the government over the law and order situation in the state.

Devendra Shah, a renowned builder in Pune, was shot dead outside his residence in Deccan Gymkhana area of Pune by two unidentified men. The men allegedly fired five rounds at Shah in front of his son on the plush Prabhat Road on Sunday night. Two bullets hit Shah as the men fled the spot immediately. The Police recovered the CCTV footage and are on the hunt for the assailants.

Shiv Sena was quick to criticize the Maharashtra government. Sena further took a dig at Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis by taunting his claim of maintaining a good law and order in the state. Sena claimed that BJP had won the state elections due to the influence of industrialists and traders. But it is they who are facing the plight now.

An editorial in the party mouthpiece Saamana said, “The killers in Pune are roaming freely. If they are not controlled in time, the city known for its cultural values, will become ugly. The killing of Devendra Shah should ring alarm bells for the government.”

“Industrialists and traders have brought BJP to power at the Centre and in Maharashtra but they are the ones who are getting killed. This raises questions on Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ stand that the law and order situation in the state is good,” it added.

Although Devendra Fadnavis claimed the state law and order to be absolutely under control, Mumbai and Pune have faced problems due to public outrage earlier this month. Notably, the violent protest of the Bhima-Koregaon incident sparked public violence on the streets.

Source: Outlook, NDTV

Former Shiv Sena Corporator hacked to death

Image Courtesy: DNA India
Former Shiv Sena corporator, Ashok Sawant (centre) succumbed to his injuries after being stabbed by two unknown assailants.

Mumbai, January 08: Ashok Sawant, aged 62, was killed by two unidentified assailants in Mumbai on January 7. The former Shiv Sena Corporator was struck with cleavers around 11 PM on Sunday, January 6 while returning to his home after meeting up with a friend. Sawant was a two-term Corporator hailing from Samta Nagar in suburban Kandivli. Sawant is the brother of Assistant Police Commissioner, Subhash Sawant, who is associated with the anti-terrorism squad.

The Times of India reported, the police confirmed that the incident transpired outside Sawant’s house where two men were waiting in an unconfirmed vehicle outside his residential complex, Sur Building in Samta Nagar. They fled the scene speedily after accosting Sawant. According to The Indian Express, Sawant was ushered immediately to a hospital in the vicinity. However, due to the severity of his wounds, he was declared dead on arrival.

Image Courtesy: ANI
Police investigation is underway following the murder of Ashok Sawant.

Following the gruesome incident, a case was registered under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code, which sprung the police into action and they began investigating the CCTV cameras in the area.  A source in the crime branch divulged information about closed-circuit television cameras installed in the neighbourhood that have allegedly captured images of the murderers. The attackers have been identified, one being an infamous criminal, Jagga.

As per an official, Sawant had recently entered the cable television business and had reportedly received a couple of extortion calls. He had registered a complaint with the police regarding these threatening calls. Police believe that the murder was an outcome of a fallout related to the extortion calls.

Sawant is survived by his wife, a son and two daughters. One of the daughters was to be married on February 5th.

Hypocrisy of Indian Culture – Moral Policing

Judgment is an age-old disease in the Indian society, from the aunties in the neighbourhood to the leaders of our political parties, everybody loves to have an opinion about anything which differs from their own point of view. Having this judgement is acceptable, but shoving our opinions down other people’s throats using violence and force is where the line needs to be drawn.

This is exactly what has been happening in our society with regards to the preservation and enforcement of our holy Indian culture. Recently in order to protect the ‘maryada’ of our society, many groups have taken matters into their own hand. Law has been broken and the privacy of individuals has been exploited at the whims of various groups posing as the guardians of the Hindu culture and its customs.

The beauty of living in a democracy lies in the very fact that people can practise different lifestyles without interfering with or disrupting other societies and their beliefs. Peaceful co-existence is the key to a successful democracy. Sadly, our own country has failed in this regard.

Every year, especially on Valentines Day, groups such as the Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, etc. take it upon themselves to act as the custodian of the Hindu culture. Couples celebrating their love and enjoying the day are subjected to moral policing and face harassment at the hands of these self-proclaimed protectors. In the name of ‘sanskriti’, they act as goons and cause physical harm to men and women alike.

Cases of couples being threatened and made to marry if seen together on V-day have become pretty common in the recent years. Even holding hands in public is labelled as indecent behaviour now, courtesy the moral police. Be it Maharashtra or Kerala or Gujarat, this violation of privacy and fundamental rights happen everywhere in the country.

For instance, in 2009, a group of young men and women were attacked in a private pub in Mangalore by members of the Sri Ram Sena group. The reason cited was that women shouldn’t be drinking in a public place.

Similarly, in 2012, a group of Hindu activists in Mangalore attacked a party of youngsters enjoying inside a private guesthouse and manhandled them accusing them of indecency and violating culture. These activists cried hoarse about Indian traditions and misbehaved with the women present there and assaulted the men.

The stories of members of Shiv Sena and Hindu Mahasabha among others vandalising shops and burning Valentine day cards and pelting tomatoes, Arreststones etc on the couples in public is another incident which takes place almost every year in some or the other part of the country.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that even the police has now started acting as the moral police instead of protecting the law and order in the couThe arrestof almost 15 couples by the Mumbai Police in the hotel raids conducted by it in 2015 came out as a shocking practise of moral policing. The raid conducted in various hotels, lodges, resorts and two-star hotels invaded the privacy of the couples and not only humiliated them, but also infringed upon their rights. This triggered a huge debate on social media with people asking what is wrong with two consenting adults enjoying their privacy.

As a result of the huge backlash faced by the police, the Joint Commissioner of Police (law and order) Deven Bharti passed the order forbidding the use of  Section 110(public indecency) of the Bombay Police Act 1951  as well as Section 151 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) under any circumstances. These sections have been infamously used by the Mumbai Police in the past to detain people for petty acts like hugging and holding hands in public.

Despite this, another incident of moral policing came to light in Thiruvanathapuram in February 2017 when a couple was harassed by female police officers in a public park for being ‘vulgar’. The couple, Vishnu and Arathy, made a facebook live video of the episode and exposed the misconduct of police on social media.

The video went viral and Kerala police received huge criticism for misbehaving with innocent couples. As a result, the state police chief had to issue an apology stating that “Police is a law enforcement agency, it is not the moral keeper of the society.” He also made it very clear that no one has the right to disturb or harass any couple anywhere more so in public places.

Yet, another senior police officer commented that police doesn’t act independently on such issues, it only acts after it receives a complaint; therefore such an issue is more of a cultural issue.

There are many more examples of moral policing available in our country; it all simply boils down to culture. While preserving our culture is important, it is also necessary to understand the meaning of culture. Ours is the same culture which is known for the origin of Kamasutra, then how can holding hands or hugging or kissing in public be interpreted as an act of violating this culture ?

How is pissing in public acceptable, but kissing is not?  How can we let some people become so overwhelmed by the need to establish the hegemony of their culture that we allow them to sever the principles of our democracy itself? How do we plan to become a developed nation when we cant even guard the freewill and independency of our citizens? How can we be so concerned with two adults engaging in a consentual sexual activity and have an almost negligent response towards women being violated against their consent?

Sadly, the questions are too many, the answers too few and the understanding too little. The only hope remains that we won’t need to write such articles again for another Valentine’s day in another year.

News Source- Hindu, NDTV, Indian Express

Image Source- ScoopWhoop

Shiv Sena threatens dire consequences for Raees

Shiv Sena is back to creating trouble for Bollywood again. After the recent controversy surrounding Ae Dil Hai Mushkil because of Pakistani actor Fawad Khan who featured in it, it is now Shah Rukh Khan starrer Raees’s turn.

Just a few days after SRK himself went to meet Raj Thackeray, the chief of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) to ensure smooth release of Raees, rival party Shiv Sena has begun sending threats to the distributors of the film. Leaders of the party have sent distributors a letter warning them of dire consequences if they go ahead with the release of the film, scheduled for January 25.

Akshaye Rathi, a leading distributor, was sent a letter from the political party’s Chhattisgarh wing. He has since been trying to contact the leader of the youth wing of the party, Aaditya Thackeray and bring the threat to his notice.

MNS has already assured Shah Rukh Khan that they will not create any trouble for the release, based on SRK’s clarification that Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, who plays the female lead in the film, would not be present at the film’s promotion.

However, SRK has had a sour relationship with the Shiv Sena ever since he took a strong stand against the party during the release of his movie, My Name is Khan. He has also angered Sena leaders in the past by refusing to apologise for stating that there was no harm in including Pakistani cricketers in the IPL.

The future of the film seems uncertain and more reports are awaited.

Sources: DNA, Huffington Post
Image Source: The Deccan Chronicle

Shiv Sena takes a veiled dig at Modi for wishing Nawaz Sharif on Twitter

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted birthday wished for Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on his 68th birthday on twitter. Two days late of the tweet, Shiv Sena, a Hindu nationalist party in its newspaper carried a veiled dig at Modi’s step towards soft diplomacy.

In its newspaper, Saamna, the party mentioned how Chhatrapati Shivaji, a well-known Hindu warrior of Maharashtra never extended greetings to the enemies of the nation thus hinting obvious conclusions in regard to Modi’s actions.

The party said, “What is outstanding about Shivaji Maharaj’s thoughts is that he considered enemies of Swarajya as enemies of the nation. Shivaji Maharaj never extended birthday greetings to Aurangzeb, Afzal Khan and Shaista Khan.”

Prime Minister’s birthday wishes on twitter for Nawaz Sharif comes in between an interval of ceasefire violations across the Line of Control and Working Boundary following an apparent surgical strike, the turbulence in Kashmir and the attack in Uri army base.

Modi tweeted, “Birthday wishes to Pakistan PM Mr. Nawaz Sharif. I pray for his long and healthy life”. Nawaz Sharif’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz tweeted her response to Modi saying that her father deeply appreciated the gesture and he conveys to the Prime Minister his best wished as well.

Interestingly, Shiv Sena’s barb at Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes three days after he laid the foundation stone of a grand memorial statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji in Mumbai where during Shiv Sena’s chief Uddhav Thackery’s address, he was interrupted by chants of ‘Modi, Modi’ by Bhartiya Janata Party supporters.


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Image Source: file photo from PTI

Fadnavis inducts 11 new ministers

Stuti Shukla
Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis expanded his council of ministers by inducting 11 ministers, six of cabinet rank and five of the junior minister rank. The total strength of ministers now stands at 39. almost reaching the upper limit of 42. The swearing in ceremony took place at Raj Bhavan and was given to the Maharashtra governor Vidyasagar Rao.
The new cabinet rank ministers consists of BJP’s Sambhaji Patil- Niangekar, Subhash Deshmukh, Pandurang Fundkar,Ram Shinde, Jaykumar Rawal and RSP’s Maahadev Jankar. While all of them were new faces Ram Shinde got promoted promoted from minister of state home to the cabinet rank.
The five new ministers inducted include BJP’s Madan Yerawar and Ravindra Chavan, Swabhimaani Shetkari’s Sadabhau’s khot and Shiv Sena’s Arjun Khotkar and Gulabrao Patil
Contrary to it’s expectations, Shiv Sena, did not receive even one cabinet post. This request was turned down by the Maharashtra chief minister. Their disappointment was visible when Shiv Sena’s Uddhav Thackeray gave the swearing in ceremony a miss. It was also boycotted by the opposition parties, the Congress NCP. According to them the swearing in ceremony was a quantitative and not a qualitative one.
This reshuffling took place before the monsoon session, which is to be held on 18th July.
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Shiv Sena fears Budget Session washout

The Shiv Sena expressed its fear of a complete washout of the upcoming Budget Session due to the rising political heat over Rohith Vemula’s suicide. The controversy, the party fears, will not die down and gather further political attention, proving to be an obstacle for the smooth functioning of the Budget Session.

An editorial Sena mouthpiece, ‘Samaana’ said, “The Budget session (of Parliament) is merely 15 days away and it seems that the whole session will be wiped out over Rohith Vemula’s death. There will soon be Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh and thus the suicide matter will be heated up for political gains”.

In the editorial, the Sena questioned the process in which Vemula’s case was handled. The University expelled the student on disciplinary grounds after a Union Minister, Bandaru Dattatreya, allegedly intervened. However, the editorial demands to know as to why the student’s views were not allowed to be voiced. In addition, the editorial points out that in our country extensive talk are held over Assam’s ULFA and agreements are made with Maoist, Naxalites, and other terror outfits. The Sena questions, “In spite of all this, why was Rohith Vemula not given a chance to put forth his views despite his numerous pleadings”.

Source: NDTV

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