Apple steps up the Watch game   

Originally positioned as a luxury brand, Apple Inc. has recently focused more on fitness, and is planning to make its best seller a smarter watch. The company plans to release a version of its smartwatch towards the end of this year, which connects directly to cellular networks. This is to reduce the device’s reliability on its own products, untethering to new range of functionality.

Apple watches currently need wireless connectivity, but this will change. The latest watches come with LTE chips, which are planned for release by the end of this year. The technology jumbo is currently in talks with carriers in the U.S. and Europe to offer cellular networks. But in the wearables market, Apple stands third preceded by Xiaomi and Fitbit. Apple clearly has big plans for Watch both in the health segment and as a gateway to the connected home,” said Carolina Milanesi, consumer tech analyst at Creative Strategies.

According to Bloomberg‘s report, the new Watch gets its modem by Intel Corp. after legal troubles with Qualcomm Inc. This is a big win for Intel, which has been trying to get its components into more Apple gadgets for many years.

Apart from adding a cellular chip, Apple is also looking at software changes – more of Siri enabled features with payment options in iMessage and much more in WatchOS 4.

Sources: Bloomberg, BBC

Apple smartwatch to debut tomorrow in the United States

Mac’s much awaited smartwatch is expected to debut tomorrow; as the trend-setting firm sets out to make trendy wrist-worn PCs as must-have accessories for current lifestyles. Industry trackers say Apple Watch will star at a media event being held at the same San Francisco theater where the California tech titan presented the iPad.

Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook has revealed minimal information about the modern wrist wear; yet has said that he “can’t live without it.” The organization declared its plans for Apple Watch a year ago to much fanfare and has said it would start dispatching in April.

It will mark Apple’s first new product type since the iPad in 2010. Apple has demonstrated that the section value would be US $349 in the United States, and that two different sizes would be accessible in three collections; including the “Apple Watch Edition,” offering 18-karat gold cases in yellow or rose, sapphire precious stone and finely created bands and closures.

The Apple gadget will associate with the iPhone and furthermore have a scope for applications and sensors, notably for health and fitness. The watch is also expected to include map software that guides people to destinations with gentle “taps” on the wrist..

Fitness apps on the Apple Watch and its opponents could spell difficulty for producers of fitness bands from organizations like Jawbone, Fitbit and Nike. ” Apple is poised to once again show how computing platforms are won or lost on the one-two punch of eager consumers and hungry ecosystem partners,” said Forrester Research examiner James McQuivey.

Apple reportedly had to scale back health following features on the watch after a few sensors didn’t adapt to present circumstances. It stays hazy whether Apple – a latecomer to the wearables section – would accomplish for smartwatches what the iPod did for MP3 players and the iPad did for tablet PCs.

Apple enters a fragment gathered with merchants ranging from South Korean titans Samsung and LG, to Japan’s Sony and new companies; for example, Pebble. Motorola, acquired by Chinese giant Lenovo a year ago, likewise delivers a smartwatch, and China’s Huawei presented its version at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona recently.