Relapse of epidermodysplasia verruciformis case stunts Doctors in Bangladesh



Abul Bajandar’s hands covered in the growths after 12 months of cure
Image Source: AFP

DHAKA, BANGLADESH: Abul Bajandar, a rickshaw –puller of Bangladesh who had been dubbed “tree man” had recovered a year ago from his rare genetic condition of epidermodysplasia verruciformis, generally known as a “tree man disease”. But a year after doctors declared him cured following 24 surgeries, Bajandar’s hands and feet are once again covered in the fungus growths that characterize his rare condition.

Surgeon Samanta Lal Sen, who hailed his cure as a milestone in the history of medicine admits that the case of Bajandar is more complicated than what it was thought of. Bajandar was unable to work for years and his family lives in the hospital. He said that he fears that he will never be cured. “I am scared to have any more surgeries. I don’t think my hands and feet will be okay again,” the 27-year-old added.

A free treatment was conducted by the Dhaka Medical college hospital based on his rare condition. So far more than five kilograms of fungal growth has been removed from his hands and feet. Surgeon Sen said medical team thought that it had achieved a cure for him but with relapse, it will be a time-consuming case. But the team will keep on investigating to reach an ultimate solution, though it will be hard to assure when it will be done.

Source: NDTV, News Broadcast Network