Youtube to expand work force to keep inappropriate content in check

Youtube has decided to expand its work force to ensure that all forms of extremist content undergo review. Reuters reports that more employees will be hired in 2018 so that all kinds of unsuitable content on the website can be monitored better and taken down promptly. Susan Wojcicki’s, CEO, Youtube in a blog post says that Youtube is attempting to take strict action to protect their users against inappropriate content. This is being done by enforcing stricter policies and bigger review teams.

 The ultimate aim for Google is to increase the total number of people working on the content that violates their policies to 10,000. They want to achieve this by 2018, according to Susan Wojcicki’s. She also mentions that “aggressive action” is being taken on comments and new comment moderation tools will soon be launched.

Last week, Youtube rolled out a new update on their recommendation feature which spotlights videos that users will find most interesting and gratifying. They overlooked concerns that this update might make users fall prey to misinformation and limit dissent since they will be exposed to too many like-minded opinions.

In the recent past, Youtube has faced serious back-lash and criticism from multiple advertisers and advocacy groups because of their inability to monitor the content on their website and the fact that such content may have a lasting impact on the society at large.


Reuters, NDTV