Terror attack at Peshawar’s agricultural university

Under the cloak of a burqa, five Taliban terrorists from Pakistan raged into the agricultural university campus of Peshawar on Friday, December 1st. The outbreak claimed the lives of nine students and left 32 injured before the gunmen were shot by the security forces. According to reports from The Times of India, Tehreek-i-Taliban took responsibility for the attack. Their link with supervisors in Afghanistan was suggested by the military officials. Tahir Khan, city police chief stated that the attackers entered the institute in a rickshaw and went into the training institute and fired at the inmates of the hostel. However, the crowd was relatively less as it was a government holiday on account of Eid-e-Milad.

The terrorists were equipped with automatic weapons and discharged grenades as the entered the campus. Police officials stated that the terrorists were killed by the security forces following an hour-long shootout that left three policemen injured. Hindu reported that the terrorists were geared with suicide jackets, pistols and explosives. They also possessed powerful artilleries such as AK 47s and Kalashnikovs.

Reports from Hindu stated that on Thursday, a day before the attack, Sajjad Khan, police SSP had informed the media about an intelligence report suggesting terrorist hostages. As a security measure, many law enforcement organizations were kept under vigilance. Despite the warning, there were inadequate number guards delegated to the institute. Being close to the Afghanistan border has made Peshawar a victim of violence meted against them by the Taliban mutiny.

Sources: Live Mint, The Hindu

Attack on Venezuelan Supreme Court through police helicopter

A Venezuelan Police helicopter which was seen hovering over the internal ministry and Supreme Court building, launched grenades at the latter which fortunately failed to detonate, on the evening of June 27, 2017, in what is being called an attack by “terrorists”, according to a statement  given by the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on state-run TV channel.

The video, the first proof of incidence, capturing the movement of the helicopter over the two government buildings is being incessantly circulated over the internet. In another video, Oscar Perez, who worked as a Captain in a governmental investigative and intelligence body, is seen with four other armed men, who are said to be the conspirators behind the attack, according to a report by Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional.

The country has been witnessing protests from several months, from the opposition as well as citizens, in which 75 people have died, as reported by The Independent. The government is in the process of exercising even more power over the opposition-run Congress by rewriting the National Charter, for which the voting is scheduled to be held on July 30.

The Socialist President has clearly issued a warning against his opponents saying, “We would never give up, and what couldn’t be done with votes, we would do with weapons, we would liberate the fatherland with weapons.”

Sources: Al Jazeera, Reuters

Terror attack in Egypt kills 8 policemen

A security checkpoint at Al-Naqb, in southwestern Egypt’s New Valley Governorate, was attacked on Mobdya, January 16 night by a group of terrorists. The attack killed eight policemen and injured three others.

According to The Times of India, the security checkpoint saw a gun battle between security forces and the terrorists which killed two of the attackers as well. 70 km from Kharga city, the checkpoint is located on a road linking the New Valley to Assiut in Upper Egypt. Post the attack, the road was closed for three hours.

No terror group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet, which is the second in the week to target Egyptian security officials. The Interior Ministry stated that the forces have launched a hunt for the remaining attackers, who managed to evade arrest after the onslaught.

Gulf News reported that security forces were focusing on a nearby mountainous area in the search for the assailants.

Egypt has recently been the target for a number of attacks, especially by militants, ever since the January 2011 revolution that caused the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak. The attacks targeting police and military increased even more after the military dethroned Islamist ex-president Mohamed Morsi in 2013, following massive protests against his rule.

Sources: TOI, Gulf News

Image Source: Avinash Nandakumar

Headley admits to visiting India under false identity

American citizen David Headley, one of the key masterminds behind the 26/11 Mumbai attack on Monday testified before a Mumbai sessions court, via video conferencing, and confessed that he visited the city under a false identity. He also admitted that he visited the city seven times, prior to the attack and also visited Delhi in 2009, right after the attack.

During his testimony, he revealed that his “colleague”, Sajid Mir, from the FBI, was his point of contact with the terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba.  Headley allegedly changed his name from Dawood Gilani to a Christian name, in order to acquire a new passport and a visa to visit India. Sajid Mir, interestingly, is a Pakistani national and was listed as a primary accused. Headley claimed that he was directed to set up an office in Mumbai, and make a “general video” of the city.

“Headley will likely divulge the larger aspect of the criminal conspiracy behind the 26/11 terror attacks. This would strengthen the present trial pending against Indian nationals,” said a senior public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikkam to NDTV.

Headley is currently serving his 35-year jail term in a US federal prison for his role in the Mumbai terror attack.

Sources: NDTVThe Hindu