Triple Talaq: Congress doing injustice to Muslim women by opposing bill, says BJP’s Ananth Kumar

Ananth Kumar, the Parliamentary Affairs Minister, accused the Congress of doing injustice to the Muslim women by creating hurdles in the passage of the Triple Talaq Bill. The bill stands to be one of the most awaited and controversial decisions ever taken by the Supreme Court, wherein the latter declared the pronouncement of talaq by a person to his wife, through any medium, null and illegal.

Passed in the Lok Sabha after rejecting a resolution moved by Revolutionary Socialist Party member NK Premachandran, the bill confers a jail term of upto three years to any person practicing instant triple talaq. Due to Congress’s constant insistence that its resolution to refer the bill to a standing committee be voted on, the bill’s passage in the current winter session of the upper house became difficult.

In reaction to this demand, Ananth Kumar said, “Every day they bring a new excuse and their demand to refer the bill to the Select Committee is just a trick to misguide all.”

As the winter session of the Rajya Sabha ends on Friday, January 5, the bill is now pushed to the budget session, which begins in less than a month.

Rajya Sabha adjourned amidst tabling of Triple Talaq Bill

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad introduced the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill 2017 for discussion and passage in the Rajya Sabha today, but with the opposition creating an uproar and the BJP countering it vociferously, the house was adjourned finally after a noisy session. The bill is currently awaiting its passage in Rajya Sabha for its final approval, is proving to be a difficult task for BJP as it does not have the strong numbers as compared to Rajya Sabha. The opposition however, opposed the move stating that the government instead of rushing the bill should take view of other stakeholders, and hence refer the bill to a select Committee.

The minister asked the Congress to come clean on its stand in the Rajya Sabha, since it had passed the bill in Lok Sabha just a few days earlier. The Congress however moved a resolution regarding formation of a select committee. However, the leader of the house, Arun Jaitley objected to the procedure under Rule 70(sub rule 2a) of the house, as the bill did not originate from Rajya Sabha, nor any previous notice was given for the same.

Amidst the implosion of words, Deputy Chairman P J Kurien adjourned the House for the day, without giving any ruling on the validity of the opposition’s demand.

Sources: Economic Times, The Indian Express