Nazi tweet by Jeffrey Lord cost his job

Jeffrey Lord, a conservative commentator has lost his job after he tweeted ‘Sieg Hail’ to one of the prominent liberal critics. He is the head of Media Matters for America.
Mr Lord is said to have not known the depth of this issue and later said he was mocking fascists and was misunderstood. A CNN spokesperson confirmed the news in a statement “Nazi salutes are indefensible. Jeffrey Lord is no longer with the network.”
“I want to make something very clear. I have nothing but respect, affection and love for CNN. I think the world of CNN,” Lord told The Associated Press. “I think they’re terrific people and serious people.” Mr Lord said in an interview with the Associated Press. He added that the decision to fire him from the network was not wise and strongly disagreed with it, though he respects the CNN journalists.
He had posted an article called, The American Spectator following the harsh tweets on Thursday morning. Mr Lord called Carusone’s group ‘Media Matters Fascists’ as anti-free speech bigots. After a series of tweets in the morning, he resumes on twitter to end up the conversation with ‘Sieg Hail’.
Sources – BBC, CBC News

Software engineer creates CM’s fake twitter profile, gets arrested

A software engineer of an IT firm has been arrested for creating a fake Twitter account of the Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramiah. The accused named Madhusudan tweeted content on behalf of the Chief Minister’ office.

Siddharamiah had lodged a complaint at the cyber crime police station, criminal investigation department (CID) that a fake Twitter account called @cmofkarnataka was being used. A case under the IT Act 2000 and 469 IPC was registered against the unknown person. The accused belongs to Mandya, which is around 100km from Bengaluru.

Madhusudan was arrested by a team comprising of Deputy Superintendent of Police M.D Sharath, S.K.Shivakumar CPC, Krishnoji Rao-CHC, Munirathnam-CPC and V.Srinath Reddy. During the course of the investigation, the person had admitted that it was him who had created the account and had tweeted.

According to a statement by the Cyber Crime Police, “Madhusudan admitted to creating the Twitter account in the Chief Minister’s name and tweeting on his behalf. He also removed some posts from the handle to cover up his tracts.” Other than politicians even cricketers such as MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar have faced the issue of fake Twitter profiles.

Sources:  Tech news18 Zee News

Elon Musk takes advice of a fifth-grader

Taking advice of a fifth-grader on Twitter, Tesla’s founder Elon Musk announced that Tesla will host homemade advertisement competition.

The letter was sent to Musk online by fifth-grader girl named Bria through her father’s account. She said, “I have noticed that you do not advertise, but many people make homemade commercials for Telsa and some of them are very good. I think that you should run a competition on who can make the best homemade Tesla commercial and the winners will get their commercial aired.” She further suggested that the winners could walk away with either a year of free Supercharging or Tesla’s Model 3 Easter egg.

Tesla company specializes in electric cars, batteries and solar power has been notoriously abstained itself from traditional advertising and commercial approach. Musk’s affirmative reply to Bria’s letter could see Tesla partnering with innovative homemade commercials.

Bria expressed in her letter that she is one of the biggest admirers of Tesla and hopes to become a politician in future in order to save the environment.

Despite the lack of advertising, Tesla has a very strong online presence. The official Tesla Twitter account has 1.3 million followers and its Reddit forum has around 74,000 followers.

News Source: NDTV, Economic Times

Image Source: Reuters

Sushma Swaraj: The firebrand Twitterati

India’s External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj who champions the 140 character ‘twitter diplomacy’ in India, is not simply called a ‘global thinker’ –by the Foreign Policy Magazine– just like that.

On January 12, when Swaraj rebuked Amazon in two succinctly worded tweets– for selling doormats bearing the imprints of the Indian national flag– it garnered mixed reactions from all quarters on Twitter.

She not only demanded an apology from the e-commerce conglomerate on Twitter but also threatened to stop issuing visas to the company’s employees and cancel those already granted.

While some argued Swaraj meted the tweets unwittingly, as products bearing national flags are common abroad, some others defended her stance; given her political leanings and the inadvertent rage for disrespecting the sacrosanct National flag.

So now, the entire episode has branched out into two different discussions, that ultimately snowballed into one important question- Should politicians use social media as a legitimate clearinghouse? And if so, to what extent?

If we were to take a cue from the U.S President Donald Trump, it most certainly is coming of age.

The positives about social media diplomacy are that it factors in transparency and immediacy, that all other forms of governmental processes fail to encompass.

The fact that Amazon pulled down these products the very same day is proof of what social media is capable of.

Amazon India’s Vice President Amit Agarwal profusely apologized to Sushhma Swaraj and clarified that these products were in fact listed by a third-party seller in Canada and not Amazon. But this wasn’t the only matter of concern for those who condemned her war of words.

Earlier, in June 2016 Amazon committed to investing $5billion over the next three years in India.

The naysayers, however, alleged that Swaraj’s reckless spewing of threats might just throw this business interest into jeopardy.  The question that begs to be asked here is, should we not be protective of our sovereignty?

about the Indian sensibility? Especially if they want to do business in a country like India?

And as far as discretion is concerned, had she said the same thing in a private e-mail to Amazon, wouldn’t they be offended then?

It is true that in matters of national, commercial and economic interest, words need to be weighed and a more formal platform needs to be chosen, but the case in point here is completely different and therefore wholly justified.

Social media diplomacy is indeed a dramatic break from traditional diplomacy. But what remains to be understood is that social media emerge as an efficient tool for diplomacy, only when one learns to decipher between what is worth engaging with and what isn’t.

Image source: NDTV Images

Hackers attack Netflix and Marvel Twitter Accounts

Screenshot of the hacked Marvel account on Twitter
Screenshot of the hacked Marvel account on Twitter

A group called OurMine, who claim to be ‘white hat hackers’, attacked the official Twitter (United States) accounts of Netflix and comic giant Marvel today. It continues to hack Marvel accounts for reasons yet undisclosed.

The group tweeted from the hacked accounts- ” Hey, it’s OurMine. Don’t worry we are just testing your security, contact us to tell you more about that”

In less than half an hour, Twitter deleted the first hijacked tweet from @Avengers, a verified account by the Marvel-owned superhero franchise.

The Twitter handle of  the Marvel run movie “The Guardians of the Galaxy”  was also hacked along with @MarvelMusicInc, @Marvel, @IronMan, @CaptainAmerica, @AntMan, and @theblackpanther.

According to an American technology media property TechCrunch, the OurMine team is a small group of youngsters. They are on a mission to test the strength of passwords for accounts which have large number of followers and potential influence. Usually, the group posts messages advising the account owners to contact them through an email id for more information on applying better security practices. Ironically, it breaches cyber security to advertise about security provided by them.

In the past, OurMine hacked number of high-profile Twitter accounts, including Google’s Sundar Pichai, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

According to Variety-an American digital news platform, the best protection against such attacks is the Twitter’s two-factor authentication. It notifies by sending a numerical text message to a user’s phone in case of attempts to log in from a new device. It is also advisable to keep a regular check on third-party applications that may have access to an account.


SOURCES: Variety   TechCrunch 

Legion, the hacker group attacks Mallya

Last time Rahul Gandhi, and this time the loan defaulter Vijay Mallya’s account has been hacked by the Legion group.

The hackers have tweeted a number of posts from his account. They have also claimed that they have details of Malaya’s assets at several banks, and password of various accounts.

The group is also asking for public support and have promised that they will bring more information and justice.

Following this,Mallya said in his post on Twitter
“My account has been hacked by someone called Legion who are Tweeting now in my name. Simply ignore. Will fix this,”

It is not clear what group it is ,but they have asked to support the “”.

According to the site, it works as a darknet email service and allows transfer of emails without revealing an individual’s location or identity. It provides service to help journalists and activists. This will help in battling the restrictions that exist on the internet now.

“Legion” used to be a famous hacker group from the US, known as “Legion of Doom”(LOD).

However,it is not confirmed that Legion is following (LOD),but it is quite evident that these people are well aware of the dark world of internet. They are using anything to launch cyber attacks anywhere on earth, including India.

Sources: TOI, NDTV

Image Source: Twitter


NBC confirms to shut Breaking News service by December end

Struggling to incur adequate revenue, NBC’s newswire service Breaking News is getting shut by the end of this year. Despite its wide popularity on social media, Breaking News has been unable to generate money and therefore the broadcasting company has decided to discard it.

The news was first made public by Cory Bergman, Breaking News’ co-founder and GM, appropriately enough on Twitter.

Breaking News has been functioning for the past 5 years and consists of a website, mobile application and Twitter handle that provide news from different internet sources. The news app has proved very vital for journalists and news seekers and this is very much evident from the fact that it has 9.4 Million followers on Twitter.

“We have therefore made the hard decision to close its operations so that we can re-invest that funding into NBC News’ core digital products to help us achieve our ambitious goals for those businesses,” said Nick Ascheim, the senior vice president of digital for NBC News.

The news wire service will stop working from December 31, but the entire staff will be on the payroll until January 20. Also, efforts are being taken to provide new jobs for all the employees of Breaking News.

Breaking News, in spite of trying different revenue models has now joined several other platforms who collapsed due to their failure to find appropriate business models to grow.

Source: USA Today, Tech Crunch

Image Source: VentureBeat