One dead and three injured in a high school shooting in Washington

Just as classes were starting gunfire was heard at Freeman High School in Washington DC’s Rockford. Multiple students shot, leading to death of one.
Authorities said  that a male student showed up armed with multiple guns.  The gunman has been taken into custody but has not been identified because he’s a juvenile. The gunman’s classmate said that there were signs that he was troubled. The gunman even warned his friend that something bad was coming.
The three wounded students were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover quickly. The classes were suspended and councilors are expected to be on school grounds from tomorrow.
The Police and paramedics reached the scene immediately after the shooting started. Remarkably they had just practiced for this kind of incident just a day before.

News Sources- ABC News, The New York Times

Hurricane Irma hits West Coast of Florida

Hurricane Irma made its way to the West Coast of Florida after leaving Cuba on Sunday. Ever since, the whole tip of Florida has been under the influence of high-pressure winds, signaling the coming of the storm and heavy rainfall.

Currently, Hurricane Irma has been leveled down to a category one storm, but still, has a wind sustenance of 85mph.

President of the United States of America Donald Trump has declared emergency aid for Florida, “We may have been a little bit lucky in that it went on the west, and it may not have been quite as disruptive, but we’re going to see, it’s going to play out over the next five or six hours, he says as per a report on the BBC website.

As per fresh reports from the US national hurricane center, Irma is slowly moving towards Tampa bay, while it continues to tear apart Florida.

Almost 3.4million homes in the state of Florida are without electricity while most parts of Miami continue to remain submerged under water. The full extent of the Irma in Florida is still unknown.

Irma stormed across 10 Caribbean countries and territories, killing at least 28 people there. The cleanup operations in the Caribbean Islands still continues.

Sourced from BBC and The Telegraph

India drawn in Group A of U-17 World Cup, to kick-off against USA

The much-awaited FIFA U-17 World Cup in India officially kicked-off today in Mumbai with the Official Draw Ceremony being held in the commercial capital of the host nation. Being seeded in Pot 1 for the draw, India were put in Group A of the competition along with United Sates of America, Ghana and Colombia.

India will kick-off their campaign against USA on 6th October at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi. They will subsequently face Colombia on October 9th and Ghana on October 12th to end their Group Stage fixtures.

The former U-17 World Cup Champion with Nigeria, Nwankwo Kanu, along with the former U-20 World Cup champion with Argentina, Esteban Cambiasso, were in Mumbai for the Official Draw. The FIFA legends were accompanied by India captain Sunil Chettri and Badminton star PV Sindhu.

In their first stint in the U-17 World Cup, India was handed a relatively tough tie with former semi-finalists USA and Colombia and two-time champions Ghana. Recently appointed coach for the Indian team, Luis Norton de Matos was very optimistic about their chances. “We aren’t afraid, the boys aren’t scared,” he said.

“Most of the players from the other teams at the World Cup have about 10 years of tournament experience. No matter how hard I try, I cannot replicate and make up for that match experience,” he added.

The coach also stressed that apart from the 11 players that play on the pitch, the fans act as the 12th man to boost the team’s performance and demands support for the home crowd. All India Football Federation (AIFF) President Praful Patel also laid importance on how a huge crowd is expected at the stadiums to back the host nation for a successful campaign.

News Sources- Times of India Indian Express 

Violence over Trump’s Presidency at DC

More than 200 protesters were arrested and six police officers injured as a peaceful protest turned into an ugly street fight near US President Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony at Downtown Washington on Friday. The morning that started with a peaceful protest and coordinated disruptions unfolded into a violent chaos as protesters damaged cars, smashed windows and threw rocks at security personnel on 12th and K streets. The Police responded by launching smoke and flash-bang devices.

The protests did not stop at the checkpoints. Half a dozen members of “Democracy Spring,” a group that agitates against the influence of money in politics, obtained tickets and positioned themselves within shouting distance of the swearing-in ceremony. As Trump stepped forward to take the oath of office, six protesters, each wearing a letter of the word “RESIST,” stood up to chant the preamble to US Constitution.

In Washington, there were several hundred protesters who actively confronted the police. However, they were vastly outnumbered by the thousands of non-violent protesters who swarmed the nation’s capital for Inauguration Day and Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington, CNN reported.

Even on Thursday protesters gathered on 14th Street outside the National Press Club to demonstrate against “Deplora Ball,” an event organized by some of Trump’s most aggressive online supporters.

Anti-Trump protests broke in other cities, including New York, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago and Portland, Oregon. Demonstrations against the new President also took place overseas in Hong Kong, Berlin and London.

Source: 1] Indian Express

At least four killed in a truck attack in Jerusalem

At least four were killed on Sunday in Jerusalem after a truck rammed into a group of Israeli soldiers on a popular promenade.

As reported by Reuters, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it was an attack by the Islmaic state. “We know the identity of the attacker. According to all the signs he is a supporter of Islamic State,” the Prime Minister said.

The military informed that one female officer and three officer cadets were killed leaving 17 others injured.
Police said that out of the four dead, three were women. After shooting the driver dead on the spot the police identified him as Fadi Ahmad Hamdan Qunbor. The 28-year-old truck driver was from East Jerusalem and a father of four from the Jabel Mukabar neighbourhood.

As reported, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said that nine Jabel Mukabar residents were arrested on suspicion of aiding the attacker. These residents include five members of the attacker’s family.  A source from the government said ministers had called for demolition of the driver’s house and that his body will not be returned to the family for burial.

United States condemned the attacks ‘in the strongest terms’ and offered aid to Israel. A security guard identified as “A” told Channel 10, “ I shot at a tyre but realised there was no point as he has many wheels, so I ran in front of the cabin and at an angle, I shot at him and emptied my magazine”

However the footage shows the soldiers fleeing from the scene as the attack took place with their rifles hung by their shoulder.

The wave of Palestinian street violence has slowed down but not stopped.




Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats; No retaliation by Putin

USA President Barack Obama on Thursday expelled 35 Russian diplomats on the suspicion of spying especially in the 2016 USA elections. Sanctions have also been imposed on two Russian agencies over their involvement in the political groups during elections.

This has deteriorated the relationship between the two countries further. Obama whose tenure ends next month describes the move as necessary in order to preserve the interests of the country. He also mentioned that a report in the Congress will be delivered in the coming few days. He alarmed the citizens of the USA that theft of data is only possible with the involvement of the top officials of the Russian government.

A senior official told Reuters that Russian diplomats would be given a time period of 72 hours to leave the country. President in waiting Donald Trump mentioned that he would talk with intelligence officers in order to know more about the situation.

Vladimir Putin, however mentioned that he would not take any counter steps in order to retaliate against this move by the Obama administration. Putin mentioned that he would not stoop to the low level of kitchen diplomacy.

In the coming days, it would be entirely in the Trumps hand whether to follow the steps taken by the Obama administration or to improve the relationship with Donald Trump.



IMAGE SOURCE- file photos from AFP

Trump goes all praise on Nawaaz Sharif, claims Pak

Donald Trump engaged in a telephonic conversation with Nawaaz Sharif on Wednesday, where he reportedly heaped praise on the Pakistani front man. In a violation of diplomatic protocol, Sharif’s office put out a press declaration with detailed content of the conversation.

“You are a terrific guy. You are doing amazing work which is visible in every way. I am looking forward to see you soon. As I am talking to you, Prime Minister, I feel I am talking to a person I have known for long,” went the statement.

Usually we find dry diplomatic buzzwords being putout summarizing the conversation. The Trump camp followed the much trodden path using phrases such as  ”productive conversation” and “strong working relationship” in their press release. When CNN tried to contact Trump’s office on the validity of the statement put out by Pakistan, the phones kept ringing.

During his election campaign, Trump pierced Pakistan with jargons of fire, even comparing the state with North Korea and asking them to apologize for providing sanctuary to most wanted Osama Bin Laden.

The President elect has given diplomatic convention a toss in the past while conversing with world leaders right after getting elected, and if there is any iota of truth in the claims of Pakistan then India must tread on patient paths.

SOURCES : The Hindu , CNN

Image sourced from The Hindu.