Drop in user time for Facebook

Caption: It was observed users tend to spend less time on Facebook feed
Facebook tend to be slightly worried as the company sees drop in the users time spend online. It had announced major changes in January to be made on the news feed, but saw less user time even before that. In the last three months roughly 50 million hours a day was observed to be cut down by the users on the social media. For example, fewer viral videos were shown up on feeds.
Mark Zuckerberg went on record to say that, Facebook encourages personal interaction by helping people connect which is more important and is not much bothered about its drop of users online. “We can make sure the service is good for people’s well being and society overall” he added. The decline in users was recorded a little more than two minutes on an average basis, for 1.4 billion daily users.
Facebook’s largest advertising revenue is from US and Canada, and the very same countries saw the drop in daily users by nearly 7,00,000 to 184 million in a quarter. Zuckerberg says that Facebook users often stick around an ad if they show interest in one particular type.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to improve your timeline in a big way

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a big announcement that will affect your timeline in a big way. Users will see more posts of friends on the social media website than those of other publishers or brands. Zuckerberg claimed that this was done to encourage people from spending lesser time on the site.

He said that they had received feedback that posts from businesses and brands on the site were crowding users’ personal spaces. He wanted to ensure that the time users spent on the site was worth their while. However, viewing posts from friends and acquaintances might as well as mean that we may indulge more in commenting and sharing those posts.

This may have big ramifications as the businesses relying on Facebook for traffic might be gutted. The content of these brands might not appear on the News Feed and a lot of organizations are deeply involved in generating content especially for the timeline.

Also for investors, Zuckerberg’s announcement proves to be bad news since advertisers would always encourage users to spend more time on Facebook. More time on the site does not necessarily translate into more revenue but less time definitely sounds pessimistic.

Source: ABC News, Recode