Son of Haryana BJP President granted bail in Chandigarh stalking case

Image Courtesy: All India Roundup
Vikas Barla (left) was granted bail for alleged stalking and attempted abduction of Varnika Kundu (right), daughter of a senior Haryana bureaucrat.

Chandigarh, January 11: On Thursday  The Punjab and Haryana High Court granted bail to  the son of Haryana Bharatiya Janata Party President Subhash Barala, Vikas Barala  for stalking and attempted abduction of the daughter of a senior Haryana bureaucrat-Varnika Kundu.

The victim’s counsel opined that the offence committed by Barala is of a serious nature, as he had chased the victim for around five kilometres. Opposing the bail plea, the counsel argued that the accused hailed form a well-connected political family and if released on bail, he may use this to his advantage to influence the trial of the case.

The incident, which took place on August 4, when Vikas, and his friend Ashish under the influence of liquor followed Varnika Kundu’s car and tried to stop her. Chandigarh police was called into action and the duo were booked under section 354 D (stalking) of the IPC and under the provisions of Motor Vehicle Act.

On August 9, Mr Barala and his friends were arrested again for Kidnapping or abducting with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine a person along with the attempt to commit punishable offence under sections 365 and 511of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Justice Lisa Gill granted bail to Vikas on the grounds that he not would make any attempt to contact the victim or her family.

Source: ANI, The Times of India