Tea plantation owner killed by workers in West Bengal


Image courtesy: BBC

In another incident of clash between proletariats and bourgeoisie, the owner of Sonali tea estate in West Bengal was killed by the workers of the plantation on Saturday. This incident took place when Rajesh Jhunjhunwala, the owner of the tea estate, had gone to negotiate the pay dispute with his workers.

Apparently, the workers had not been paid for around two to three months, which enraged them. Agrawal had gone to pacify them, but that didn’t seem to help and he was beaten up and stabbed by them, which led to his death.

The police have arrested two men and five women in this case.

There have been several incidents in recent years wherein tea executives have been attacked by workers; one of them was in 2012 where a tea plantation owner in Assam was burned to death along with his wife.

These incidents throw light on the sorry state of tea plantation workers, many of whom are poorly paid and malnourished, in a country which is the second largest tea producer in the world.

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