6,500 temporary jobs created by Amazon India for Great Indian Sale

Amazon India, the e-commerce giant has reportedly created over 6,500 temporary jobs right before its mega sale in January. Amazon holds the Great Indian Sale every year with this years dates being  between January 20-24th, reports the Economic Times. According to Akhil Saxena, Amazon India’s Vice President (Customer fulfilment), 5,500 seasonal positions have been created across three departments at Amazon. These departments include fulfilment centres, sortation centres and delivery stations. These vacancies have been created in metros including Bengaluru and Hyderabad among others.

Saxena further added that 1,000 associates have been employed at the customer service centres to attend to the high influx of customer demands during the sale period. He also said that this enhancement they’ve incorporated will ensure an exceptional experience for customers during the sale. It will enable the company to consistently deliver high levels of customer experience, stated Saxena.

Amazon’s service partner stations have hired seasonal associates to allow faster deliveries during the course of the sale. Amazon has been extensively trying to expand its infrastructure and delivery services in an attempt to lead the e-commerce market by racing ahead of its competitors like Flipkart. The organisation has managed to establish a total of 41 warehouses, 150  delivery stations and over 25 sortation stations in the country. These additions have been made to facilitate the process of packing, shipping and delivery of orders. Around 13 customer service centres have been set up by Amazon India across 12 cities. The job opportunities created by such ventures will significantly make a difference to the working class in the country.


Sources: Economic Times, The Hindu Business Line

Baby Moshe accepts PM Modi’s invite, will visit Mumbai this week

Moshe Holtzberg, then a two-year old toddler, was miraculously rescued when Chabad House in Mumbai feel prey to terrorists on November 26, 2008. His parents, Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg, directors of the Chabad House, lost their lives in the attack.

Baby Moshe’s nanny, Sandra Samuels, found the child standing between his parents’ bodies. She grabbed him and fled the building. Presently, Moshe lives with his grandparents in Alufa, a town 90 km from Jerusalem.

Moshe had expressed his desire to visit Chabad House when he turned 13. “I hope I will be able to visit Mumbai. When I live there I will be the director of Chabad house,” the young boy had said.

However, his visit to Mumbai will happen two years earlier than expected. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on his visit to Israel in July last year, met Moshe and invited him to India. “Anytime you can come to India. Anytime you can go,” PM Modi said to the young boy.

Moshe accompanied Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the latter’s six-day visit to India. Moshe is expected to arrive in Mumbai on Tuesday, two days before Netanyahu’s planned visit to Mumbai.

Trump continues to give Iran sanction waiver; wants changes in agreement

US President Donald Trump has announced that he will continue with extending key sanctions to Iran under the Iran nuclear deal formed in 2015. This will keep refrain from jeopardizing the accord. However, Trump is expected to give a deadline to the European allies to make marked improvements to the deal, barring which the US will withdraw from the agreement.

Trump was on the fence about whether he would approve the sanctions or not. His disapproval to offer sanctions would have effectively ended the deal. The deal is between Iran and six powerful nations to limit Iran’s nuclear powers. However, he will possibly form a fresh set of sanctions for other Iranian companies or groups of people.
The current President, a Republican has always been vocally critical of the agreement which had been entered into by his predecessor Barack Obama. In the past, Obama had been widely appreciated for having preventing Iran from realizing its nuclear programme fully. Other members of this deal are China, Russia, France, Germany, the UK and the European Union.
Despite the International Atomic Energy Agency stating that Tehran is keeping in line with the deal, Trump is the opinion that the US has been handed a raw end. In the end, he succumbed due to facing a huge amount of pressure from Europe to comply.
Sources – Reuters, BBC

Trump’s move to revoke DACA program deterred by US Judge

A US judge has stopped US president Donald Trump from ending an Obama administration program which conferred legal status upon children of illegal immigrants

.District judge William Asulp ruled on January 10, 2018, in San Francisco that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program should be reinstated by the government until a final judgement is passed in the matter. In the 49 page ruling, it was stated that the government is “HEREBY ORDERED AND ENJOINED, pending final judgment herein or other order, to maintain the DACA program on a nationwide basis on the same terms and conditions as were in effect before the rescission.”

 The DACA program authorised by President Barack Obama in 2012 assured protection from deportation to the children who had entered the country as illegal immigrants. The program permitted nearly 80,000 individuals to work and seek education in the US. In September 2017, the Trump administration had decided to revoke the program thus putting at risk thousands of young immigrants who were known as “dreamers”.

Trump and the congressional leaders are currently embroiled in a tense discussion to decide the fate of the so-called Dreamers. He has indicated that he is open to more comprehensive reforms regarding the illegal immigrants if the Democrats were willing to consider the border security matter, including the construction of a wall along the Mexican border.

Sources – TOI, The Guardian

Burmese Military admits murdering 100 Rohingya Muslims

The Rohingya Muslims, troubled and in an exodus, have been struggling to find their identity and live a peaceful life. In a rare admission of wrongs, the Burmese troops and villagers were behind the killing of a number of Rohingya Muslims, during insurgent attacks at the beginning of September. The bodies were found in a mass grave in Rakhine state’s Inn Din Village, the military’s commander in chief Min Aung Hlaing, said in a statement on Facebook. The local Buddhist villagers had forced the men into a grave they had dug.

In just a few months more than 6,50,000 members of the Rohingya community fled across the border into Bangladesh. The United Nations has branded the actions as ethnic cleansing.Myanmar insists they were carrying a legitimate counterinsurgency operation.

“200 Bengali terrorists attacked using sticks and swords”, which led to a clearance operation in September by the security forces. This statement was made on the Facebook page of its commander-in-chief. The Rohingya Muslims are referred to as Bengalis, which the minority dislikes as it implies they are illegal migrants from Bangladesh.

The statement on the social media page mentions the captives should have been handed over to the police, but the migrants were attacking unceasingly and had destroyed two military vehicles with explosives. The military decided to start killing as according to them situations were out of control. Angry ethnic Rakhine Buddhists wanted to kill the minority and stabbed them after forcing them into a grave on the outskirts of the village. The members of the security forces proceeded to shoot them, the military said.

The statement also affirms strict actions against the villagers and security officials involved in the heinous participation. The extensive investigation has featured the Burmese military condemning their mistakes.

Sources – Washington Post, The Guardian

Mark Zuckerberg wants to improve your timeline in a big way

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a big announcement that will affect your timeline in a big way. Users will see more posts of friends on the social media website than those of other publishers or brands. Zuckerberg claimed that this was done to encourage people from spending lesser time on the site.

He said that they had received feedback that posts from businesses and brands on the site were crowding users’ personal spaces. He wanted to ensure that the time users spent on the site was worth their while. However, viewing posts from friends and acquaintances might as well as mean that we may indulge more in commenting and sharing those posts.

This may have big ramifications as the businesses relying on Facebook for traffic might be gutted. The content of these brands might not appear on the News Feed and a lot of organizations are deeply involved in generating content especially for the timeline.

Also for investors, Zuckerberg’s announcement proves to be bad news since advertisers would always encourage users to spend more time on Facebook. More time on the site does not necessarily translate into more revenue but less time definitely sounds pessimistic.

Source: ABC News, Recode

Baby weighing 400 grams at Birth survives after six-month struggle

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times
A premature baby girl born weighing 400 grams survived and gained weight, thanks to efforts of doctors at Jivanta Children’s Hospital in Udaipur and determination of her parents.

Jaipur, January 12: After struggling for six months, a baby girl who weighed just 400 grams at birth, and was 8.6 inches long at birth has returned to normalcy and discharged from hospital at Jaipur.

Dr. Sunil Janged, the neonatologist who led the team overseeing the baby girl at the neonatal intensive care unit claimed that referred baby was the smallest to survive in India as well as Asia as per medical records. Named Manushi by the staff of the Jivanta Children’s Hospital, the baby was delivered through a cesarean section as the blood flow to the fetus was found to be absent after ultrasonography of the pregnant mother.

The baby was put on ventilator to expand her immature, small lungs and was given parental nutrition initially. Gradually, she could digest milk and drink from spoon. Dr.Janged also stated that it was a challenge to ensure that there was no infection to the baby during course of the blood transfusion for her respiratory support.

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times
The baby after six months of clinical course.

At the time of her discharge, Manushi weighed 2400 grams and had been developing her body organs normally. She had spent 210 in intensive care unit, beating the odds of 0.5% chance of survival, as stated by medical experts in such cases.

Source: The Hindu, The Times of India